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Top 5 Solar / Wind Power Analyzers on sale NOW

A Power Analyzer can measure current, voltage, active power and energy being provided by a Solar PV panel array or a Wind powered generator.

It can also provide you with the charging status of the battery bank connected to your solar and wind equipment.

In this article we feature the best Solar / Wind Power Analyzers available online. We researched 100's of products and have shortlisted the best ones which have been tried, tested and have received the best reviews and user ratings. These Solar / Wind Power Analyzers are accurate and reliable and a great value for money.

1 - 150A High Precision Watt Meter Detector Power Analyzer : Get the 150A High Precision Watt Meter Detector Power Analyzer HOME DELIVERED for Rs.1,188/-

Standout qualities of the product:

  • Digital LCD displays provide clear readings.

  • Measures 0 to 60 Volts, works on 12, 24, 36, and 48-volt battery bank systems.

  • This is the All-In-One Meter: a power meter, a voltmeter, an amp-hour meter, ammeter, and energy meter. Digital LCD screen gives clear crisp number readings.

2 - DC Energy Meter 4 in 1, 6.5V-100V 20A (2kW):

Standout qualities of the product:

  • The multi-function energy meter can test active power, energy, voltage and current. The power test range is 0~2kW, Energy Storage range is 0~9999kWh, the voltage test range is 6.5~100V, and the current measurement range is 0~100A.

  • Large-screen LCD displays voltage, current, active power, and energy at the same time.

  • The large screen with backlight can be used even in dark environments. A short button can turn the backlight on or off.

  • The DC voltmeter is designed with a power alarm threshold and an overload alarm function.

  • With storage function, it can store measurement data when power is off.

3 - USB Digital Power Meter Current and Voltage Monitor DC 5.1A 30V: Get the USB Digital Power Meter Current and Voltage Monitor DC 5.1A 30V HOME DELIVERED for Rs.2,199/-

Standout qualities of the product:

  • Specially designed to measure how fast a USB cable or USB power adapter charger is actually charging at. It allows to choose nine different display modes by pressing the button, meanwhile provides you a rough estimate of the capacity of the device you are charging

  • Clear LED Display: Eversame USB monitor has clear LED display with white color, making it easy to monitor the charge voltage and current of your digital USB devices, while ensuring the optimal charge rate. Simultaneous display of Amp and Volt in real-time

  • USB Port is dedicated for both Data Sync and Battery Charging purpose, which has built-in circuit with containing CW3002D chip for accelerating Large Current Fast Charging. Perfect for Charge most of the mobile phones, mobile power, tablet PCs and iPad and other USB devices

  • Test feature: Voltage can’t exceed 30V, current can’t exceed 5.1A

4 - 200V DC Power Analyzer, wattmeter, kwh meter: Get the 200V DC Power Analyzer, wattmeter, kwh meter HOME DELIVERED for Rs.3,243/-

Standout qualities of the product:

  • DC Wattmeter, DC Current, DC Voltage, DC Kwh, DC power Analyzer

  • Run Hr, Load Hr, 3 Line 4 digit seven segment display

  • 75mV Shunt selectable -Shunt primary range 1A to 9999A DC programmable

  • Voltage Range 0-200V DC

  • Auxiliary Supply: Universal Auxiliary(90-300V AC) Supply (Other supply voltages on demand)

  • Accuracy: Class 1.0 Standard: IEC62053-21/22

  • Inputs: Current (75mV through Shunt) Voltage (0-200V DC)

  • Dimension: 96x96x57 mm. Panel Cutout: 92mm x 92mm. Standards for enclosure: IP-65(Front)

  • Applications - LED light manufacturing industry - Solar applications - Other hobby projects - All DC Applications

  • Can be programmed with shunts of rating 5A/75mV to 5000A/75mV

5 - 20A 12V 24V Programmable Mppt Solar Charge Controller with Mt50 LCD Display Remote Meter:

Standout qualities of the product:

  • Automatic identify and real-time display and acoustic alarm of failure information of the connection devices;with 4 load mode:Manual, Light on/off, Light on+timer, Time control

  • Easy to use: Direct, convenient and rapid operation of six navigation function keys; both data and power flowing on the same lead, no need for external power; longer communication distance based on RS485.

  • Battery type selection: Gel, sealed, flooded and User (programmable). - Programmable parameters.

  • Large-screen multifunction LCD; Real-time display the operational data and working status of the connection devices in digital, graphic and textual forms by the LCD screen.

  • Compatible with Only EPEVER Controllers: LS-B(P), VS-BN, Tracer-BN, Tracer-A(N), eTracer, iTracer.Please be noted that this MT-50 remote meter DOES NOT work with Other brand controller.

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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
May 06, 2021

Nice product

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