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Okaya Electric's first authorized Electric Vehicle Charging Station dealership in Uttarakhand.

Electric Car Charging

About Okaya EV Charging Solutions

Okaya is at the cutting edge of developing electric vehicle charging solutions in India. A market pioneer, Okaya EV Chargers are able to charge all Electric Vehicles of IEC 60309 (Bharat AC001), IEC 62196-2 (Type-2 AC), CCS-2, CHAdeMO & GB/T Charging Standard compatible AC Charger 230V or 415V and DC Charger wide output Voltage up to 750 / 1000V.

  • Established in 1980

  • No.1 EV charging supplier in India, 3rd largest battery manufacturer in India.

  • 5 billion USD revenue in the year 2022.

  • 1500 + employees.

  • Presence in 50+ Countries.

  • More than 5% turnover invested in R&D.

okaya ev charging station
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