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TRASHCON Products:  LandFill Segregator for Legacy Waste

  • The landfill segregator is one of a kind and is different from existing conventional segregators.

  • Conventional landfill segregators:
    1. Trommel - These systems are used to segregate the mud from remaining items. However, the remaining items are again landfilled as they cannot be reused.
    Further, trommels have frequent maintenance issues as most often, big stones and debris are found that affect the trommel.
    2. There are other technologies such as vibratory screens and ballistic separators. Again, these have limited applications and can separate mud from the rest of the materials.

  • Landfill segregator by TrashCon segregates waste into mud, debris/stones and plastics. This give rise to 2 revenue generation streams - mud and plastics can be recycled (Trashcon offers the recycling systems as well).


TRASHCON Products:  WoWRecycler - Plastic Board Compressor


   The WowRecycler - Plastic Board Compressor recycles low value plastics and multi-layered plastics into     plastic composite boards. The boards are a replacement for plywood with superior properties.

   INPUT:  Non-biodegradables, (Mixed + Multi-Layered Plastics)

   OUTPUT:  8' x 4' Size Board,   4' x 2' Size Board

   BENEFITS:  1.8 - 2.5 Years Payback, 30% Cheaper than Plywood, Earn by Selling Boards, Earn by Selling       Products
   FEATURES: Plug n Play, No Chemicals Used, Idiot Proof, Thermally Sterilized, Variable Thickness 8-20mm
   WHERE CAN IT BE INSTALLED?  Material Recovery Facilities(MRF), Dry-Waste Collection Centers  (DWCC),     Municipalities, Waste Management Companies



Vertical Compactor / Bailing Press - Pillar Type








Recycling Machine

Recycling Machinery