TRASHCON Products:  LandFill Segregator for Legacy Waste

  • The landfill segregator is one of a kind and is different from existing conventional segregators.

  • Conventional landfill segregators:
    1. Trommel - These systems are used to segregate the mud from remaining items. However, the remaining items are again landfilled as they cannot be reused.
    Further, trommels have frequent maintenance issues as most often, big stones and debris are found that affect the trommel.
    2. There are other technologies such as vibratory screens and ballistic separators. Again, these have limited applications and can separate mud from the rest of the materials.

  • Landfill segregator by TrashCon segregates waste into mud, debris/stones and plastics. This give rise to 2 revenue generation streams - mud and plastics can be recycled (Trashcon offers the recycling systems as well).


TRASHCON Products:  WoWRecycler - Plastic Board Compressor


   The WowRecycler - Plastic Board Compressor recycles low value plastics and multi-layered plastics into     plastic composite boards. The boards are a replacement for plywood with superior properties.

   INPUT:  Non-biodegradables, (Mixed + Multi-Layered Plastics)

   OUTPUT:  8' x 4' Size Board,   4' x 2' Size Board

   BENEFITS:  1.8 - 2.5 Years Payback, 30% Cheaper than Plywood, Earn by Selling Boards, Earn by Selling       Products
   FEATURES: Plug n Play, No Chemicals Used, Idiot Proof, Thermally Sterilized, Variable Thickness 8-20mm
   WHERE CAN IT BE INSTALLED?  Material Recovery Facilities(MRF), Dry-Waste Collection Centers  (DWCC),     Municipalities, Waste Management Companies



Vertical Compactor / Bailing Press - Pillar Type








Recycling Machine

Recycling Machinery

     Capacity                                        25 Ton                                                              40 Ton

                                    Single Chamber & Single Cylinder             Single Chamber & Single Cylinder

     Bale Size                            20(L) x 20(W)  inch                                34(L) x 26(W) x 20-22(H) inch

     Bale Weight                             50 to 80 kg                                                       60 to 120 kg

     Chamber Size              20(L) x 20(W) x 50(H) inch                             34(L) x 26(W) x 50(H) inch

     No.of Cylinders                            1 Nos.                                                               1 Nos.

     Cylinder Size             140* 100* 1100 (Stroke)  mm                     160* 100* 1100 (Stroke)  mm

     Oil Tank Capacity                       80 Liters                                                         120 Liters

     Production Rates              12 To 15 Minutes                                           10 To 12 Minutes

     Hydraulic System           Gear Pump Systems                                      Gear Pump Systems

     Daylight Gap                                50 inch                                                            52 inch

     Operation                 Hand levers Operate Systems                    Hand levers Operate Systems

     Electric Motor                   5 HP Motor 3Phase                                         7.5 HP (3 Phase)                             

                                                   1440 RPM 50Hz                                      With limit switch, starter

     No. of Ties                                     3 Nos.                                                              3 Nos.

     Quotation Valid                           30 days                                                           30 days

     Delivery Time                       25 working days                                            15 working days

     Overall Dimensions        40 x 74 x 110 inches                                       52 x 36 x 120 inches

     Body Plate                        8mm, 12mm, 30mm                                               9 + 25 mm

     No of Doors                                  2 Nos.                                                               2 Nos.

     Bale Eject               Swing Plate With Handle Systems                Swing Plate With Handle Systems

Vertical Compactor / Bailing Machine 40T - O-Frame Type


TRASHCON Products:  TrashBot – Automatic Waste Segregator



  • The TrashBot Segregates fresh mixed waste into wet and dry waste automatically.

  • The process involves conveyor based movement of waste through multiple proccesses including bag opening (shredding), magnetic separator for ferrous, air separator for soft plastic from organic waste and a size based separator for recyclables from non recyclables.

  • The wet waste can be composted or made into biogas while dry waste can be recycled.

  • Input: Waste from households, shops, streets and other municipal waste.

  • Output: Wet, Dry (metals, plastics and inerts).

         Capacity                     40 Ton Single Box & Single Cylinder [O Frame]

         Bale Size                     34(L) x 26(W) x 22-24(H) inch

         Bale Weight               60 to 150 kg

         Platform Size             34(L) x 26(W) x 60(H) inch

         No.of Cylinders         1 Nos.

         Cylinder Size              160* 100* 1200 (Stroke)  mm

         Oil Tank Capacity      150 Liters

         Production Rates      10 to 12 min per Bale

         Hydraulic System      Double pump

         Daylight Gap              60 inch

         Operation                   Hand lever operate

         Electric Motor            7.5 HP (3 Phase) With limit switch, starter

         Machine Weight        1900 kg

         Quotation Valid         30 days

         Delivery Time            15 working days

         Overall Dimensions  84 x 30 x 135 inches

         Body Plate                  9mm, 12mm, 25mm





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