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Waste Management

We provide sustainable waste management that empower communities and individuals to have a positive impact on the environment and their lifestyle.

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The importance of waste management isn’t limited to the aesthetics of a place; it has a direct relation with reducing the health and environmental hazards of leaving waste untreated. provide solutions for Waste Segregation, Litter Collection and Recycling. Waste segregation is instrumental to successful waste management practices and it begins with segregating waste broadly under the following headings:
• Organic waste: kitchen waste, vegetables, flowers, leaves, fruits.
• Toxic & Non Biodegradable waste: old medicines, paints, chemicals, bulbs, spray cans, fertilizer and pesticide containers, batteries, shoe polish.
• Recyclable: paper, glass, metals, plastics.
• Soiled: hospital waste such as cloth soiled with blood and other body fluids.

We provide solutions for collection and processing all of the above waste -
• Road Sweeping and Litter Picking Machines

• In vessel Fully Automatic and Manual Composters for Organic Waste
• Incinerators for Municipal Solid Waste
• Plastic Pelleting Machines, Hydraulic Compactors and Shredders for Plastic Waste 
• Mobile Bio-Toilets and Bio-digester Tanks for Sewage Waste 


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We offer the latest technologies in renewable energy, waste management, and

eco-friendly innovations.


Our services cover the entire life cycle of your investment spanning project design, installation & commissioning, operation, maintenance and repairs

for all the technologies we promote #ForThePlanet.




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