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Wind Turbines

Wind energy is environmentally clean, quite and an attractive source of energy generation.


Wind Turbines are the world’s most complete renewable energy generation device.


A low cost sturdy machine for harsh & high to moderate wind speed areas. It can be easily mounted on roof tops & telecom towers to provide all the energy needed.


All our models are certified and our technological partners have more than 12 year of experience delivering their service all around the world countries like Australia, Africa, South East Asia, Europe and USA.

Wind Turbines - 650 W  to  5.1 kW

unitron wind turbine
wind energy generator
wind turbines

Wind Turbine - 7.7 kW

UNITRON – UE77-T is designed for the use in regions with low wind speeds. Due to high Cp six blade design, UNITRON UE77-T operates virtually quiet. The robust construction is without wearing parts. It needs low maintenance and works reliably even under extreme conditions.

Technical Specifications:

Tech Specs chart image.JPG

3D Rotor Wind Turbine

The UE22+ is designed for use in regions with low wind speeds. The robust construction without wearing parts makes this product low maintenance and it works reliably even under extreme weather conditions. Key features:  Six times more powerful than vertical axis models of same dimensions;  Three times more efficient than horizontal axis of same dia;  This model sports just 1.8M rotor;  Absolutely noiseless operation.

Technical Specifications:

Tech Specs chart image.JPG


We offer the latest technologies in renewable energy, waste management, and

eco-friendly innovations.


Our services cover the entire life cycle of your investment spanning project design, installation & commissioning, operation, maintenance and repairs

for all the technologies we promote #ForThePlanet.


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