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Green energy generation, waste management and energy efficient, solar lighting solutions for your Smart City.

The UE22+ is designed for use in regions with low wind speeds. It starts rotating at 1 m/s wind speed and starts producing power at a wind speed of 2 m/s. The robust construction without wearing parts makes this product low maintenance and it works reliably even under extreme weather conditions. Key features:- Six times more powerful than vertical axis models of same dimensions - Three times more efficient than horizontal axis of same dia , this model sports just a 1.8M rotor- Absolutely noiseless operation.

Go check out the UE22+ 3D wind turbine.

By composting food and organic waste, cities and towns handling waste should be able to reduce the size of their traditional waste containers or reduce the frequency of pick-ups or both, which will lower the cost of traditional waste hauling. Also the use of recycled food waste as compost improves soil health and structure; and reduces the need for supplemental water, fertilizer and pesticides.

Jatayu is an innovation which is Made in India, Made for India and Made by an Indian. It is a Portable Vacuum based Cleaning Machine which can be mounted on any small truck and can provide instant cleaning. It's all weatherproof, operator friendly and rugged design means it can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere. Its immense suction power can lift coconuts, glass, bottles, leaves, litter - even under monsoon conditions. Collection capacity is no problem since Jatayu collects everything in quick change reusable bags. 1 bag is 0.3 cu.m capacity and 10 bags is 3 cu.m capacity. All this with zero visible dust emissions, thanks to its PM10 350sq.ft cleanable filters. Jatayu can do ten times better cleaning using three times lesser people at two times better price. Its functionality can further be enhanced by the tools and accessories optionally available.

Bio-digester technology that converts sewage waste into water and gas is an eco-friendly way to solve the sanitation problem faced by our nation. The technology has been developed by Defence Research and Development Organization (DRDO). The mobile version pictured here can be conveniently relocated within the city as required

Integrated Solar Street Lights are an 'all-in-one' solution for post sunset lighting needs in outdoor places. They come with an integrated LED lamp, Poly-crystalline Solar Panel and Lithium-ion battery or Lithium Ferro Phosphate battery as one compact single unit. This renewable energy product is an innovative solution for roads and streets in cities and towns and all public areas that is both maintenance free as well as theft proof... with a little bit of welding on to the pole.

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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
May 25, 2021

Nice and smart product

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