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The UE22+ is designed for use in regions with low wind speeds. It starts rotating at 1 m/s wind speed and starts producing power at a wind speed of 2  m/s.
The robust construction without wearing parts makes this product low maintenance and it works reliably even under extreme weather conditions.
Key features:
- Six times more powerful than vertical axis models of same dimensions 
- Three times more efficient than horizontal axis of same dia , this model sports just 1.8M rotor
- Absolutely noiseless operation
- Best for extracting energy from Exhaust / waste winds from commercial roof top exhausts  / industrial exhausts. 
- Typically 10 to 15 hp blowers continuously  spew out winds at 8 – 15 m/s 24 /7. About 1.5 to 2.5 KW can be fed back to grid using UE22plus 3D.
- Energy savings achievable to the tune of 8000 to 9000 KWH per annum under these conditions.

UE22+ 3D

  • Technical Data

    Rotor type Horizontal Axis (HAWT)
    Rated output 3000 W
    Rated wind speed 12.7 m/s
    Max. Power 3000W
    Cut-in wind speed 1.0 m/s
    Furling wind speed 15 m/s
    Yaw control Passive
    Rotor speed control Microcontroller guided
    Survival wind speed 50 m/s
    Rotor diameter 1.8 m
    Number of blades 9 No
    Swept area 2.55 square meters
    Lateral Thrust 220 NT
    Brake system Electrodynamic
    Safety system Passive yaw steering
    Generator type Three-phase synchronous generator,
    PM outer rotor 16 pole low loss core
    Voltage 60 to 220 VAC by tap setting
    Electronics Overvoltage and safety controller;
    Ready for grid inverter connection
    Struts Acrylic Powder coated steel
    Generator casing Steel / stainless steel
    Rotor blades Thermoformed ABS
    Weight incl. adaptor Approx. : 65kg

    3 years*

    (*subject to certain terms & conditions)







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