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Let’s preserve nature while we enjoy it.

1. Easy accessibility to Clean and Pure Drinking water:

Clean Drinking Water is our most basic requirement for survival. But buying bottled water increases your plastic waste, taking over 500 years to bio degrade and thus polluting the environment. Here’s a solution to the problem . Put any water in this bottle and its Magic straw purifies it making it ready to drink.

Go check out the Lifestraw Go Personal Water Purifier Water Bottle, 650ml.

2. Use Solar Mobile Phone Chargers:

While in the wild, you need to stay connected with family and friends, enjoying good music and using various electronic devices . All these need charging. Don’t be hassled ! ‘Coz while you enjoy cycling, trekking or camping your portable device charges with the power of the sun, getting ready to charge all your devices. Waterproof and durable, charging for free..

Check out the range of Solar Mobile Phone Chargers.

3. Use the Portable Light–weight Solar lamp/ lantern:

When settled in your tent for the night, you need light. A small portable solar light works just perfectly.

Great value at a low cost and powered by the sun. Bright enough to read and cook!

Try the new Solar Sunking Pico Plus and the Solar Lantern.

4. Enjoy a mosquito-free surrounding:

While you sit enjoying the star-studded sky, a mosquito–free surrounding would definitely be a delight. Keep away those sprays and ointments.

Go check out the Solar Outdoor Mosquito Repeller and many other solar powered pest repellent systems.

5. Cook Eco-friendly:

Now you don’t have to worry about collecting wood or carrying heavy cans of fuel to set up a fire for cooking your meal . Nor do you have to eat preserved food out of cans . You can prepare the most nutritious fresh meal by harnessing the powerful and abundant free energy of the Sun. And what more …the food cooks while you relax …no need for continuous stirring .​ Its so simple that even children can cook.

Go check out the portable light- weight Solar Cooker Eco Friendly.

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