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PM-Surya Ghar Muft Bijli Yojana - Solar Rooftop Scheme

Updated: Jun 13

20KW Solar Rooftop Power Plant in Dehradun

As India becomes serious about carbon neutrality and transitioning to a green energy economy, solar power plants have seen a surge in financing and investment over the past decade. This wave of 'Green Investment Funds' now crashing across the shores of India is an opportunity of a lifetime. Every indian now has a chance to make money as the sun shines over his home.

In this article we explore the recently launched solar rooftop scheme whic focuses on the poor and benefits indidicuals with a 1Kw to 4 KW electricity connection.

This scheme is for residential Solar Rooftop Power Plants only - Investment required is Rs.1 lakh up to Rs.9 lakh.

The govt. of India through its cental portal now offers Rs.30000/- per KW for 1 KW and 2 KW connections for lower income households. For general category residential connections having a sanctioned load of 3 KW and above the total subsidy offered is a lumpsum of Rs.78,000/-

In addition to this many states offer their own additional subsidies on solar power plants. For example in Uttarakhand currently the sate government offers and additional fixed sum of Rs.51,000/- to all its residential power consumers who install solar on their rooftop or residence.

These solar power plants help you to save Rs.30,000 to Rs.2.6 lakhs per year in energy costs. That offers a whopping 25% + return on capital invested per year. The best feature of this investment is as future electricity prices go up the savings you make per year also goes up every year protecting you from high future prices.

solar power plants in uttarakhand

We offer residential grid connected solar power plants across Uttarakhand. Our systems come with a 5 years comprehensive warranty, 10 years on the inverter and a 25 yr performance warranty on the solar pv panels. Download our solar rooftop subsidy pricelist below:

Download PDF • 116KB

The key benefit on offer for household power consumers is to help generate up to 300 units per month free using solar power and thus meet their basic power requirements for free for a period of 25 years. By benefiting from the governments subsidies household solar power consumers would also be protected from future price increases on grid supplied power. What is even better is that any excess power generated by the solar rooftop power plant would be purchased by the local power distribution company at Rs.4.64 per unit (subject to change as per CERC guidelines) and this gives consumers the ability to earn from their rooftops by reducing their consumption or going on a holiday!

Please contact us on +91 89540 23000 to know more.

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Romik Rai
Romik Rai
16 mars

Pan India central government subsidy of Rs.78,000/- per plant available now.

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