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  • The Bio Digester Technology is a clean technology that does not pollute ground water. The outlet water is enriched with minerals and is odorless, colorless and free of pathogens and can be used for gardening or recycled for flushing.
  • The technology does not require any electricity and the digestion takes place in an anaerobic environment in a sealed container due to bacterial activity.
  • There is no sedimentation and therefore the tank does not require evacuation at all.
  • As the effluent water is safe it can be used wherever there is a lack of sewage or drainage systems.
  • Most importantly, the bio digester is to be charged with the bacterial enriched inoculums only once at the time of installation and after that the bacterial will multiply automatically.

Bio-Digester Tank

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  • Technical Specifications



    Model No.



    No. of


    Wall Thick-ness

    1 BFE-5 700 Ltrs Upto 8 4mm avg.
    2 BFE-10 1,000 Ltrs Upto 15 4mm avg.
    3 BFE-25 1,500 Ltrs Upto 25 6mm avg.
    4 BFE-35 2,000 Ltrs Upto 35 6mm avg.
    5 BFE-50 3,000 Ltrs Upto 50 6mm avg.
    6 BFE-70 4,000 Ltrs Upto 70 8mm avg.
    7 BFE-90 5,000 Ltrs Upto 90 8mm avg.
    8 BFE-115 6,000 Ltrs Upto 115 8mm avg.
    9 BFE-125 8,000 Ltrs Upto 125 10mm avg.
    10 BFE-200 10,000 Ltrs Upto 200 10mm avg.

    Note: We manufacture Biodigester plant from upto 5,000 user per day.

    Material of Construction - FRP.

    All pipe long lasting high quality PVC.

    Immobilisation Matrix life long.


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