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This system has the following functionality:

  • The Organic Waste Composter is a complete and fully automated ‘In vessel composter’ for food and kitchen waste minimisation .
  • The Organic Waste Composter provides 85%-90% volume reduction of your high moisture organic food waste and the system capacity stated in Kgs is of waste input capacity per day.
  • The machine acts as a digestive tank and stores over 5 days waste in the tank. After the 5th day around 10%-15% of original volume of Day 1 is available for use.
  • The process is accelerated through use of digestive bacteria along with de-odorizerers in a temperature and moisture controlled environment.
  • The overall waste disposal costs are low due to low labour requirement of the Organic Waste Composter compared to other manual or semi-automatic systems.
  • It has a double shredder inbuilt for bones and larger size objects to be crushed in to a paste.
  • The Organic Waste Composter has a temperature control feature which is essential in areas with temperatures outside the 30-45deg range.
  • Material Of Construction : Moc of Outer Body will be Stainless Steel. Moc of Electrical panel will be poweder coated. Frame & Base will be Mild Steel duly Painted. Moc of all contact parts will be Stainless Steel. Moc of Shredder Hopper will be Stainless Steel. Moc of Shredder will Stainless Steel.


This machine is suitable for all 'Bulk Waste Generator's as defined in India's Solid Waste Management rules of 2016.


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Organic Waste Composter

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