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Be a Pioneer in your area ….Set up a Green School and make your Institution the first 100% eco-friendly school in your city, town or village.

1. Switch to Clean Energy:

Young children need a clean environment to develop. Using renewable energy creates that pollution-free environment. Harnessing free natural energy is a one -time expenditure resulting in no more electricity bills in future, which ends up saving a lot of a school's running expenses. It is a win-win situation for both the management and the kids!

To achieve this switch to the UE22+ 3D wind turbine, whisper quiet and designed for use in regions with low wind speeds.

2. Easy Waste management:

Proper waste management is the need of the hour to protect the health of individuals and the environment. A responsible and hygienic school environment is also key factor when parents choose a school for their child.

Segregation of waste is the first step towards effective waste management and to achieve this indoor and outdoor colour-coded Recycle bins can be used for easy identification by all ages.

3. Converting Waste to Wealth:

Compost, is a Natural Fertilizer that enriches the soil, helps retain moisture and suppresses plant diseases and pests. Converting food waste from the school kitchens and dry leaves from the premises of your school into rich compost for the school garden will save large sums of money used for buying chemical fertilizers year after year.

This can easily be achieved using our range of Rapid Composters .

4. Use Clean Energy for electrical needs:

Use Solar PV panels in a rooftop solar installation to provide for all of the school's electrical needs.

5. Illumination of school premises for safety and security:

Keeping school premises well lit, especially residential schools for those is a huge responsibility as well as a cost. Electricity is expensive. Switching to Integrated Solar Street Lights would be a great step towards cutting costs and becoming eco-friendly at the same time. What's more these lights are fully automatic and operate from dusk to dawn providing 2 days backup on a single days charge.

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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
30 avr. 2021

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