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Solar Security Fencing

Solar Fencing Systems have just sufficient power to give living beings a short, sharp but safe shock that they never forget. It is this feature that makes it popular as it does not cause loss of life while deterring a living being from breaking the fence. It is widely used for protection from wild animal such as wild boar, deer, monkeys and elephants.


  • Protect farm land or boundary from animals

  • Protection from bluebull, monkeys, elephants etc.

  • Uses free, renewable solar energy

  • Designed to survive extreme weather conditions

  • Gives a short, sharp but safe shock

  • Doesn’t cause loss of life

  • No risk of electrocution

  • Works even when power failures occur have partnered with FENCELANE and offer their entire range of security fencing products.

  • Energizer Units – MBS100 / MBS200 / MBS400 / MBS800

  • Lightning Diverter

  • H.T. Wire

  • Neon Indicator Tester

  • Warning Sign Board

  • SS End Insulators

  • PP Reel Insulators

  • Joint Clamp L Shape

  • Permanent Wire Tightner

  • Tension Spring Hdg Big

  • Earth Kit

  • 14G Wire

  • Tester DVM3

  • Rope gate handle

  • Lead out cable 2.5mm

  • 50NB Post Cap

  • Toupee Clamps

  • Battery

  • Solar PV Module

  • Solar PV STAND

  • Charge Controller recently installed 700m of Solar Security Fencing for Keval Organic Farms in Nainital, Uttarakhand. Chief Technician Amit at the Keval Organic Farms solar fencing site.

A section of the 700m Solar Security Fencing installed by at Keval Organic Farms, Nainital, Uttarakhand.

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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
May 03, 2021

Nice for security purposes

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