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The Solar Security Fence system is a modern day alternative to conventional methods of fencing to protect your crops & property. Solar Fencing Systems are one of the best options to provide secure fencing to factories, farms and other vital installations. It uses renewable solar energy which is available round the clock independent of any grid failure. Solar Fencing systems have just sufficient power to give living beings a short, sharp but safe shock that they never forget. It is this feature that makes it popular as it doesn’t cause loss of life while deterring a living being from breaking the fence. have partnered with IBEX GALLAGHER and offer their entire range of products. The wire kit includes wires, earthing kits, Corner Protectors, Post Protectors, Wire Tighteners and a neon tester kit. The Energizer unit needs to be purchased separately.

Solar Security Fencing Wire Kits

No. of Wires (price per 100 mtrs)
  • Solar fencing is a wonderful and feasible way to Protect farm land or boundary from men or animals. It is widely used for protection from wild animals such as bluebull, monkeys, elephants etc.






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