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The HOW and WHY of being Eco-friendly

What Does Being Eco-Friendly Mean in Today's World?

What does it mean to Be Eco-Friendly - And Why is it So Important? Terms like "eco-friendly" "green living" and "going green" are all the rage; they are used in advertising, as slogans, labeled on products of all types. These words may be so overused that no one really pays attention to their meaning. In other words, the real meaning of the words have become too non-committal. Knowing and understanding what ecologically-friendly seriously means can help you make a commitment to a healthier humanity and planet. We can describe the terms 'eco-friendly, ' 'green, ' 'environmentally conscious' and other similar terms in the same way. They mean earth-friendly, or not harmful to our encircling environment. It means taking on a lifestyle, which embraces objectives, actions, and ideas that are good for the surrounding environment, animal and plant life.

How to Be Earth Friendlier?

There are many different ways of assuming this lifestyle, and the decision as to the extent of this change is dependent on each individual. There are those people that adopt it so wholeheartedly they become the hippie, organic farmer who grows his food, makes his individual clothing and refuses to drive a fossil-fuel driven vehicle. Then there are those people that are typical consumers, who simply decide to help the environment a little by purchasing eco-friendly products instead of their more harmful counter-products. This consumer's contribution lies in making sure the products he uses cause the environment no harm.

Why should you be concerned with going Green?

Fish are dying in the ocean, animals being caught in plastic packaging materials; crops are dying out, and people in developing countries are dying for a lack of food. The land and oceans are becoming smaller, and they aren't producing what they once did. The flora and fauna seem to be changing (and not in a good way). We just can't lie to ourselves anymore.

Eco-Friendly Activities

A multitude of people around the world are embracing eco-friendly activities, even though these may take longer, or may require more of an effort than non natural habitat activities do. These can include activities like car pooling, recycling, composting, organic farming, using solar and more. Every small effort counts. So even if you aren't up to car pooling, you can participate in other environmentally conscious activities like walking or biking to the store, turning off the lights, line drying your wash, or even buying products to make the world a better and cleaner place.

Analyze Eco-friendly Business Practices

Most 'real' eco-friendly business make products that are either developed from recycled materials, use natural sourced energy like solar, or are made from natural elements like plant sources. These products are either ecologically friendly or can in some way contribute to a friendlier environment. When trying to be environmentally conscious you should always purchase items that are, if not good for the environment, at least less harmful to it.

There are times when you can’t avoid behaving in a certain non-eco friendly way or using items that are not very eco friendly. We are all using our smartphones and laptops to write about social change. You might take regular flights and still talk about the horrific impact of carbon emissions. An environmentalist is sitting somewhere spending hours staring at a pixelated computer screen rather than the starry sky. We all exist within a system that we are trying to change, and it isn’t always very easy. This is a delicate balancing act. It speaks to the seemingly inescapable reality of the machines we’ve built which now runs our life. In order to avoid it, one needs to escape to the woods, go off the grid. You’ll subtract most of your environmental impact by doing so. I think everyone fantasises about it from time to time, but you’ll also lose priceless human connection and culture, alongside the ability to educate or inspire change in others. When faced with such a dilemma it’s best to take a step back and see everything you’re doing or can do #ForThePlanet. It might not be perfect but it sure is a step ahead in the right direction.

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