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Basic Facts about Solar Power Generation

Environmental benefits aside, a good reason why businesses and households should consider investing in a solar energy system is the significant SAVINGS on electricity costs. These savings are effective immediately and continue to benefit for a very long time as a result of onsite deployment of solar PV. We at, believe in educating our readers so that they don't have any doubts before investing in Solar energy systems. We will also attempt to eliminate the myths regarding solar energy systems which create doubts.


  • Commercial and industrial solar power generation for businesses is more common and affordable than ever before and they can be adapted to fit anyone’s specific needs. Think techno-commercial viability!

  • They make use of infinite source of energy - the sun, best of all sunlight is FREE.

  • Solar power in India is one of the most accessible forms of energy available. Throughout most locations in India the average solar radiation is great for solar power generation.

  • Solar power generation systems, which are also called photo-voltaic or PV systems, are pollution-free, reliable and have an expected life of about 25 years.

  • Your solar power generation is REALLY FREE after a short payback while others continue to pay heavily for coal and gas generated power.

Myths Vs. Facts

MYTH: Solar powered devices do not work at night.

FACT: Many solar powered devices harness energy from the sun during the day to be used later at night.

MYTH: You cannot convert solar energy on a cloudy day.

FACT: Although not as effective as on a sunny day, loosing 10-25% of its regular capacity, solar energy can still be converted on a cloudy day. Germany, which gets as much sunshine as the state of Alaska, is the world’s top solar panel installer, producing 31% of the world’s renewable energy

MYTH: Solar powered lights are not bright.

FACT: As technology is improving, the quality of light from solar powered lights is also improving, so the concern over the brightness of light is no longer relevant. Many portable solar powered lights have the option to adjust brightness levels.

MYTH: Solar power is too expensive and unaffordable.

FACT: The price of solar power has been rapidly decreasing through the years, which is one of the reasons why over 60% of the United States’ solar panels were built in the past 3 years.

MYTH: Under extremely hot temperatures, PV cells can produce more electricity.

FACT: PV cells use sunlight and not heat to convert into electricity. So contrary to popular belief, higher temperatures actually lower the efficiency of PV cells.

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