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Top 5 - Solar Home UPS Inverters on sale NOW

A regular home UPS/inverter system has a system of inverter and batteries that is connected to the home power connection. When the power is coming from the grid, the UPS/inverter system charges the batteries using the power coming from the grid. When the power is off, the inverter takes the DC power from the batteries and converts it into AC used by appliances. There is an automated switch in the system that senses if the grid is not supplying power and switches the UPS into battery mode.

An off grid solar powered system has an assembly of solar panels, charge controller, batteries and inverter. The batteries are charged using solar panels and the inverter has the same function of converting DC to AC. It can also have an automated switch to sense if grid is not supplying power that can change the power source of the connected home from grid to batteries. Depending on the need, the system can be designed to either completely rely on solar power or charge the batteries from solar power when sun is available and from the grid when it is not.

In this article we feature the best Solar Home UPS Inverters available online. We researched 100's of products and have shortlisted the best ones which have been tried, tested and have received the best reviews and user ratings. These Solar Home UPS Inverters are dependable and long-lasting and are great value for money over their expected lifetime.

1 - Sukam Plastic Shiny 900va Home UPS Pure Sinewave (Multicolour, Rel_04): Get the Sukam Plastic Shiny 900va Home UPS Pure Sinewave (Multicolour, Rel_04) HOME DELIVERED for ₹5,000/-

Stand out qualities of the product:

  • Over volt protection - yes

  • wall /floor mount - no

  • warranty - 1 year manufacturer warranty

  • Colour - Multicolour

  • Material - Plastic

Stand out qualities of the product:

  • Material: Plastic, Color: Blue

  • Battery: Compatible with 1 solar battery of 120Ah, Panel Requirement: 165 Wp x 2 Nos.; Rooftop Area Requirement: 40 Sq. Ft. (approx.)

  • Technology: Power savings of 1.5 - 3 units per day with the help of Intelligent Solar Optimization Technique (ISOT), fast battery charging through i-Charge technology

  • Dimensions: 375 mm x 315 mm x 135 mm; Weight: 9.3 Kgs

  • Warranty: 2 years on manufacturing defects

  • Inverter Type: Pure Sine Wave solar hybrid inverter with 80% efficiency and in-built PWM charge controller

3 - Microtek M-Sun PWM Technology Pure Sinewave Solar Inverter, 935VA (Model: 1235N-12V): Get the Microtek M-Sun PWM Technology Pure Sinewave Solar Inverter, 935VA (Model: 1235N-12V) HOME DELIVERED for ₹6,889/-

Stand out qualities of the product:

  • Micro-Controller DSPIC Based Intelligent Control Design.

  • Dual Charging,Mains Mode and Solar Mode.(Solar Panel upto 600W-12V model).

  • Pure Sine Wave Regulated Output.

  • Smart PWM Controlled multistage ATM (Automatic Trickle Mode) Charging.

  • LCD and Graphical Display Indications (Status & Fault).

4 - Exide Technologies 12V 40Amps Solar Charge Controller with LCD: Get the Exide Technologies 12V 40Amps Solar Charge Controller with LCD HOME DELIVERED for ₹ 13,600/-

Stand out qualities of the product:

  • Exide Solar Inverter 850va 12V

  • 40Amps Solar Charge Controller with LCD

  • PCU Technology (Automatically run load on solar at day time)

  • Solar charger efficiency ≥95%

  • TOLL FREE Number Service

5 - UTL Gamma Plus rMPPT Solar Hybrid Inverter 2000VA- 24Volt- 50Amp (2kVA 24V):

Stand out qualities of the product:

  • Built in rMPPT Charge Controller - Equipped with latest technology >94% high-efficiency rMPPT (maximum power point tracker) charge controller. Controller-based unique design and Pure Sine Wave output with 100% solar panel tracking.

  • PV Panel Configurations - This 2kVA 24V Gamma+ solar inverter supports 24 volt solar panels and maximum 1200W DC power. Solar Panel Configuration = 315W/320W/325W*4 (2 Series & 2 Parallel) | 390W/425W*3 (Parallel).

  • Multi-Colour LCD Display - Designed with multi-colour LCD for a better user interface. It displays parameters like the battery voltage, charging current, output voltage, input voltage, solar voltage, solar current, the amount of solar power consumed, etc.

  • Multi Charging Stages - Comes with multistage charging (Bulk, Absorption, and Float) to increase battery backup while maintaining the gravity and temperature. Automatically equalise once a month to extend battery life. Compatible with all type of solar batteries (SMF, Gel & Tubular).

  • Protections - Overload, Battery Low/High, Output Short Ckt, Battery Reverse (Fuse Blown), Over Heat@90°C ± 10°C, Over/Under frequency, I/P HV, I/P LV, SPV High, SPV Low.

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Amit Kumar
07 mag 2021

Nice solar inverters

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