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How to Choose a Solar Panel for your Home

Updated: May 21

Have you decided to install solar panels at your home and produce your own electricity, but are not sure on which solar panels to choose? This list will provide you a guide to making a good purchase. You should always keep in mind that a solar panel system is a long term investment, So there are many aspects other than the price that you should know about.

The cost of the solar panel:

This is the very first aspect people consider when comparing solar panels. The solar panel cost is determined by different variables: the size (in Watts), the brand, quality of the materials, durability, warranty period and any certifications the solar panel might have.

How to choose a solar panel considering the cost? This shouldn’t be the one and only aspect to be considered, the least expensive panel might not be the most efficient and probably not the best option if you consider the long term. How to choose solar panels can be risky but, they have a long lifespan which is more than 25 years, so it is more important to ensure a good quality system than choosing the cheapest option.

The Quality of the Solar Panel:

In this you need to know how the panel is manufactured and the quality of the material used to manufacture the panel. There are different types of manufacturers who produce panels that differ in quality, price, durability and efficiency. There are many types of solar panel manufacturers which control each stage of the production process. They monitor quality and invest a lot into research and development. There are some other manufacturers also who only assemble panels, usually they don't manufacture their own cells. They use more human production than robotic, but produce the most affordable and durable panels.

When choosing a solar panel supplier it is wise to check the company’s reviews, history and see what experiences clients shared of each of them. Since it’s a big investment, it is important to do research and see if clients are satisfied with the product and the customer services they provide to their clients, and if the company fulfills all the promises that they made earlier.

Energy Efficient Solar Panel:

In this you can check that how much light the panel receives is converted into electricity and how much power your solar system will generate. The more efficient are more durable and expensive. It is not always the best choice to get the most efficient solar panel, as you might end up spending more money than you should to cover your energy needs. You must know your requirements and find out the best panel that fulfils your requirement.

Durability of Panel:

Durability of the panel indicates the confidence of manufacturer on its products. Most Made in India Solar Panels have 25 years of warranty. If the manufacturer does not offer a long warranty period, you could suspect that their product is not in a good quality and they don’t want to take any responsibility. In such scenarios be aware of such misleads by affordable price since you might regret it in the long term.

Size of the Panel:

The average size of a solar panels used in rooftop solar installation is approximately 72 inches by 39 inches, or 6 feet by 3.5 feet. There are some variation from brand to brand, you should make sure to install a system that is big enough to power all your appliances, and also that you must have the sufficient space required to install the panels. The watts of the panel are depend on the physical size of the panel (bigger panel generates more watts) and the type of solar cells used in manufacturing of the panel.

Watts are related to the output of the panel and they are directly related to the price of the system. The wattage of the solar panel is the most important thing you need. You need to assess about how much energy you require from the solar panels.

Types of Solar Cells Used in solar panel:

In Solar Panels there are different types of solar cells with different efficiencies. But their names might sound confusing, so it’s good to know at least their name if your supplier mentions this to you.

Monocrystalline silicon offers high efficiency and good heat tolerance characteristics. Polycrystalline or multi-crystalline silicon cell based solar panels are now the most popular choice in residential installs. There are also amorphous silicon cells, which use the least amount of silicon and they are not very efficient. An emerging solar panel technology is called Bifacial panels which are able to generate additional power from the bottom by absorbing the reflected energy from the ground below it.

If you want to install a Solar PV system on your rooftop we recommend Monocrystalline PERC Halfcut Solar PV panel from Waaree Solar. They are made of mono perc cells which gives higher efficiency over 21%. This is the latest technology solar panel in India that also works in low light and even in cloudy weather. The cells in solar panel are made of A grade, anti pid cells. It is the best quality solar panel in mono crystalline technology that comes with 5 busbars and 72 cells and 25 years performance warranty. IP 67 rated junction box is given with MC4 connector for higher efficiency of the module.

Now that you have the tools to choose the solar panel system that suits your needs. you should compare different offers and see which supplier you find more convincing.

In case you wish to get a quotation from us for setting up your solar rooftop please give us a call on +91 89540 21000 / 22000 / 23000.

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