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Organic waste composting machine - Convert waste to compost in 24 hrs!

Updated: Sep 19, 2023

Composting is the natural process of 'rotting' or decomposition of organic matter by microorganisms under controlled conditions. Raw organic material such as crop residue, animal waste, food garbage, some types of municipal and industrial waste, enhance their suitability for application to the soil as a fertilizing resource, after having undergone composting.

A mass of rotted organic matter made from waste is called compost. Compost is rich in nutrients. It is used in gardens, landscaping, horticulture, and agriculture. The compost itself is beneficial for the land in many ways, including as a soil conditioner, a fertilizer, addition of vital humus or humic acids, and as a natural pesticide for soil. In ecosystems, compost is useful for erosion control, land and stream reclamation, wetland construction, and as landfill cover. Organic ingredients intended for composting can alternatively be used to generate biogas through anaerobic digestion. supplies fully automatic organic waste composting machines. This amazing new product is changing how India and the world is treating its organic waste.

Feed your waste into an organic waste composting machine and extract compost in just 24 hours. The compost machine’s efficient conversion and ease of use makes it possible for millions of us to make the environmentally and socially responsible choice of composting and recycling our waste.

Game Changing Features:

Fully automated in-vessel composting system:

Our organic waste composter is an in-vessel system. It treats all the waste in its composting chamber. Unlike traditional composters that output compost starter, this compost machine directly outputs compost, saving you time, effort and space.

Compact machine:

Our compost machine is a stand-alone unit and does not need associated equipment such as curing racks. This saves on space and effort and makes your composting project much more feasible.

High quality compost perfect for landscaping and organic farming:

This compost machine produces quality output in an FCO Compliant format. The output is ready for use in landscaping or organic farming projects. It is loaded with nutrients and is an ideal medium to grow plants or vegetables.

Easy to operate by any unskilled labour:

As our compost machine is automated, it needs minimal intervention. Unskilled labour can be easily taught how to operate the machine without supervision.

Highest standard of safety inbuilt:

Our composting machine is committed to ensuring the safety of operators. The system has been carefully designed from the ergonomic perspective and incorporates a number of safety features.

Organic waste composting machines are suitable for 'Bulk Waste Generators' including :

  • Housing Societies

  • Residential Institutions

  • Industrial Kitchens

  • Malls and Food courts

  • Hospitals

  • Corporate cafeterias

  • Food pocessing units

  • Municipal wards, markets, parks, and gardens

  • Organized agriculture

  • Temples and other religious institutions

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