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Go Solar to Gain in the Long term

The utimate aim is to maximize clean energy potential of land & buildings and Utilize Government incentives of 30%-70% subsidy on capital expenditure for roof top solar available for individuals.

We also need to reduce carbon emissions from our own planet and preserve it for future generations.The expected return on investment without insurance or currency hedging expected to be 7%-15% over the lifetime of the asset.

—The payback period depends on the state offered feed in tarrifs for solar installations and the level of subsidy received. Conservately this would be between 7-10yrs on an asset life of 25 years.

Ten Reasons To invest In rooftop solar NOW
  1. Extremely positive environmental and social impact on local community

  2. —Projected IRR of around 10%

  3. —Income stream of 25 years+

  4. —Asset backed investment providing energy security in a world with volatile suppy and prices

  5. —A green, ethical, sustainable investment

  6. —An investment that is diversified from financial markets across asset class, commodity and currency.

  7. —Energy supply disruptions and insufficient production from traditional large state owned utilities continues to plague India 67 years after independence.

  8. Energy independence has NOW become an option for citizens from 2014. In the last 10 years Solar PV prices have reduced 99.5% !

  9. It is now cheaper to produce electricity from solar instead of burning coal !

  10. ——A structure designed with maximum security in mind where retains a partnership in the project, ensuring the installation is professionally managed and maximum operational efficiency achieved.

Providing Energy Independence!

—The main purpose of GreenAsset.In’s Solar rooftop project for homes & buildings is to maximize the energy security and independence potential of land & buildings.

Veiw the project page on the United Nations Business Partnership hub here: Given the startup nature of this project rates this investment to be a Risk level 5 VERY HIGH RISK. Please contact us if you wish to know more about this intiative. Given the GHG reduction impact, oil dependence reduction, coal use reduction and energy security provided to residents of the land & buildings the investment has significant environmental impact. Being a sustainable investment, in collaboration with stakeholder interest groups, local & state level Government authorities and adressing essential needs of the local residents, the Solar rooftop project aims to demonstrate how Local Impact can contribute to carbon reduction while adressing the need for sustainable energy security .

Given the local nature of impact it deserves a social impact score of 1/5 improving the lives of up to 100 families.

Please write to us to understand the scoring systems of our featured investments. We are always happy to receive feedback on our stated opinion.


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