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EV Charging Infrastructure Products.


Combo DC Fast / Ultra Fast Chargers - 90kW to 350kW


Compatible with:
•  GB/T (Chinese)
•  CHAdeMO (Japanese) 
•  CCS -2 (EU)

EV Combo DC Fast / Ultra Fast Chargers

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  • Specifications:

    Charger Type:      Combo DC Fast / Ultra Fast Chargers

    Capacity 142 kW
    Input Voltage (Vac) 415 Vac +10% or -6%
    Input Frequency 50 Hz ± 1
    THD ≤ 5% of Nominal Voltage
    Power Factor ≥ 0.99 (Full load)
    Wires 3 - Phase, 5 - Wire AC (L1, L2, L3, N and PE)
    DC Output 1 CCS-2 (60 kW) 200-750 vdc
    DC Output 2 CHAdeMO (60 kW) 200-550 vdc
    AC Output 3 Type-2, AC 3 Phase, up to 22 kW Max
    Standard/Connector CCS-2, IEC 62196 Type-2 and CHAdeMO
    Number of
    Connector / Gun
    Charging Standard PLC(CCS Combo 2) and PWM (AC Type-2 as per IEC-61851-1) and CAN (CHAdeMO)
    Efficiency ≥ 94 %
    Safety Parameters Over Voltage, Under Voltage, Over Current, Short Circuit, Surge Protection, Over Temperature,
    Ground Fault Protection, Residual Current, Emergency shutdown with alarm, Protection against
    electric shock
    Display Screen 7" TFT LCD Touch Screen
    Push Button Emergency Stop (Mushroom Red)
    Charging Option Grid Responsive metering
    Visual Indication Presence of Input Supply, Errors Indicator, State of Charge
    User Authentication Using mobile application or User Interface (OCPP gives only a field mandate, media to be used
    is open) / QR Code / RFID Card / Password Login
    Payment RFID Card Wallet or App Wallet / Service
    Between EV Charger and EV
    CAN (CHAdeMO), PLC (CCS-2) and Type-2 AC as per IEC 61851-1


     Between EV and Central Server

    OCPP v 1.6 or above - 10/100 Base-T Ethernet (Standard) or Optical GSM Modem (2G/3G/4G) and Wireless (Optional)
    Protection IP 54
    Cooling Forced Air Cooling
    Charging Cable

    3.5 Meter / 5 Meter

    0° C to 55 ° C


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