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Product Description: 
Solar road studs are solar cell powered LED maintenance-free lighting devices used in road construction to delineate road edges and centre lines. Embedded in the road surface, they are an electronic improvement on the traditional cat's eyes in that they may give drivers more than a thirty-second reaction window compared with about 3 seconds for conventional reflective devices. The intense brightness of this solar light makes them easily visible at distances. These Solar road studs are extremely robust to avoid damage by passing vehicles, and are constructed of casted aluminium alloys and high shock resistance. Use of solar road studs reduces the necessity of headlight main beams and the accompanying hazard of dazzling oncoming drivers. These solar lights are also more visible in rain and fog conditions where the old type retro reflectors and road markings are problematic. The solar cells charge batteries or capacitors during sunlight hours, over which period the LEDs are turned off by a photo switch.


  • This aluminum alloy LED solar road stud light is naturally charged by the sun and automatically starts to work when night falls or with the onset of inclement weather.
  • It is cost-effective, easy to install, and requires absolutely no wires or maintenance.
  • They have been specifically designed with road safety in mind and can help to prevent serious accidents and emit rather than reflect light.

Package Included:

This package includes solar light, screws, and manual.


This product includes 1-month warranty.

Important information

  • Never keep the light under the shade or install it under any street light/utility light which may keep the light off.
  • Needs direct Sun light to get the battery fully charged. Remember to keep at least 8 hours under the sun before first time use

Solar Road Stud Light (Yellow Flashing) SRS-6YF

₹1,050.00 Regular Price
₹850.00Sale Price
Taxes Included

BULK BUY - Extra 10% on 5+ units

  • Specification:

    Type Solar Road Studs
    Solar Panel .3W/2V
    Working Type Flashing
    Battery NI-MH 800 mAh
    Safety Waterproof IP68
    Material Aluminium Alloy
    LED Color 6 Yellow LEDs
    Product Weight 290gms
    Product Size 107*95*24 mm
    Load Bearing 30 Tons
    Packing               1 pc/box
    Charging time 6 hours
    Backup Time 12-15 hours
    Warranty            1 Year                                        




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