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3 incredible functions: solar lawn light, table light and mosquito repeller! 

Use both indoor as well as outdoor: Portable and detachable design! 

- This solar lawn light adds an attractive addition to your garden, by the pool or to light a path. They are suitable too for parks and landscape lighting. Great For Camping and outdoors activities. This comes with hanging loop And Sonic Mosquito Repellent System. The internal rechargeable battery will be charged by sunlight during daytime & also can be charged with 5V micro USB cable (provided in the box). Automatically light up at night or on cloudy day. Starts dim in the evening and gradually brightens up as darkness increases.

- Additional mosquito repeller feature, releases ultrasonic frequency that mosquito dislikes, while humans can not hear anything from it. This light comes with repeller & light on/off switches to make it work with/without repeller function.


- Light can be used in dim mode or bright mode. This light can also be used as pure mosquito repeller mode only with out light.

- Simply removing it from the holder, you can place the solar light on the table for reading or illuminating your room.Hang it using handle on top of light and make it a lantern on the deck, balcony etc.

IFITech Solar Lawn Lamp with Mosquito Repellent

  • LED Type:                  SMD3528
    LED Color:                 White
    Number of LEDs:     8, 80 Lumens
    Solar panel:              0.6W
    Li-ion Battery:          3.7V 800mAh
    Ultrasonic Frequency: 23-53KHz
    Repeller Area:          4 m2 
    Waterproof Degree: IP 54

    Charging Mode :      Solar/ 5v Micro USB

    Operation mode:    Two multi function touch switches to turn on the lights and repeller
    Charging Time:        8 - 9 hours under direct sunlight,

    DC charging time:   3-4 Hrs (5V micros USB)
    Frequency changing effective distance: ~1-3 meters
    Holder material:      Stainless steel
    Holder Length:         400mm
    Size of Solar Panel:  65mm x 65mm
    Size of Light:             136mm x 136mm x 130mm (L X W X H)
    Weight:                      0.42Kg

    Water proof & Heat proof






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