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Smart Bin Air Indoor Home Composter


Keep over 1.5 tons of your family's food waste out of landfills, with this smarter kitchen dustbin. It's designed for busy people, for neat, clean, no hassle and no smell composting. Just add your food waste and cover with our super-powered bio bloom air microbes and close the lid. They stop the waste from rotting and transform it to high-grade compost. Use it in your lawn, garden, or potted plants or simply dispose off under trees.

  • Smart kitchen dustbins that transform your food waste to healthy and fertile soil. The smartest, easiest, cleanest and simplest home composting method
  • Perfect for food waste management and garbage disposal at home. Stops landfills, air and ground water pollution while improving the lives of waste workers
  • Gives organic manure or compost for all your ornamental, flowering and vegetable plants. Also gives smartbrew - the world's best liquid organic fertilzer, drain and toilet cleaner

Smart Bin Air Indoor Home Composter

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  • Technical Details

    Kit includes: - 2 smartbin air (10L) bins, 2 strainers, 2 stands, 2 taps, 1 kg of bio bloom air, 2 packets of camphor tablets, 1 pair of rubber gloves, 2 stage ii curing bags

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