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The Jatayu HD litter picker is an innovation which is Made in India, Made for India and Made by an Indian. It is a Portable Vacuum based Cleaning Machine which can be mounted on any small truck and can provide instant cleaning. It's all weatherproof, operator friendly and rugged design means it can be used by anyone, anytime, anywhere.


This litter picking machine has immense suction power and lifts coconuts, glass, bottles, leaves, litter - even under monsoon conditions.


The Jatayu HD has zero visible dust emissions, thanks to its PM10 350sq.ft cleanable filters. Jatayu machines can do ten times better cleaning using three times lesser people at two times better price. Its functionality can further be enhanced by the tools and accessories optionally available.


Note: Vehicle IS included with the JATAYU HD 2023 Portable Cleaning Machine. The vehicle is an Ashok Leyland Dost Plus.

Jatayu HD 2024 Portable Cleaning Machine

Taxes Included
  • Features:
    • High Volumetric flow – 5000 FPM (Suitable for dry and wet waste)
    • Contactless suction (No fan-garbage interaction, hence no choking)
    • Dust and water collection overspill tray (50L capacity)
    • Strong 9ft. long overhead boom (To reach over obstacles)
    • Built-in location tracking GPS (App with integrated analytics)
    • All weather proof UV protected 20ft. Smooth bore hose
    • 10 micron, 32 sq. mtr. Cartridge filter (Dust filtration)
    • Strong chassis and body for Indian conditions
    • 5:2 compaction hopper


    • Made in India and Made for all Indian conditions
    • All weather proof, tamper proof and Indian operator friendly
    • Immense suction can lift coconuts, glass bottles, leaves and litter (Even in Monsoon conditions)
    • Quick change, re-usable collection bags. (Provides variable capacity as per customer requirement)
    • Zero visible dust emission (Providing a complete cleaning solution)
    • Modular design that can be mounted on tempo, trailer or even boats. (Depending on customer requirement)
    • Contactless fan technology makes operations safer and quicker with zero choking
    • Long hose (20ft.) for enhanced reachability
    • Collects both dry and wet garbage


    • Footpath cleaning
    • Dust collection
    • Street side litter collection
    • Leaves and Foliage collection
    • Overcoming obstacles (Using specially designed overhead boom)
    • Can reach small lanes and usually inaccessible areas
    • Efficiently picks wet waste (Even that which is stuck to the ground)
    • Easy and low cost maintenance
    • 2 year warranty with 3 free servicings
    • Independent diesel engine (Zero dependence on vehicles)



    Machine Type Portable, Vehicle Mountable
    Installation No external vehicle modification
    required, hence no state transport
    authority clearance required
    Vehicle Compatibility Any Cargo Vehicle with payload
    capacity higher than 800kg and
    dimensions larger than machine
    maximum dimensions.
    Suitable Vehicles Ashok Leyland Dost, Tata Ace
    Mega, Tate Mega XL, Tata Super
    Ace and similar vehicles

    Maximum Airflow of operational

    system at Hopper mouth

    2900 CFM

    Static Pressure @ closed inlet

    at Hose mouth

    11.8 in. H20
    Maximum Air Velocity in hose 8100 FPM
    Hose Inner Diameter 8 in
    Hose Length 18 ft
    Hose Construction

    Smooth Wall PU with

    PVC wear strip;

    UV resistant, non-choking

    special hose, hydrolysis resistant

    Boom Supported Hose Yes
    Boom Length 9 Ft
    Boom Construction Heavy Gauge Steel Chord
    Operation Arc 200 Degrees
    Collection Mechanism Reusable Collection Bags

    Collection Bag Capacity

    with compaction

    400 Litres
    Litter Collection Closed (No spillage during
    Vacuum Compaction Yes
    Bag Material Netted HDPE
    Number of Bags with Machine 5 pcs
    Collection Tool Chest Harness Mounted
    All terrain Collection Tool Yes
    Dust Filter Type Cartridge
    Filtration Area 350 sq.ft
    Number of Elements 2 pcs
    PM Rating 10 Micron

    All day operation of filter

    (Standard condition)

    Easily cleanable filters Yes
    Filter Media Polyester
    Engine Make Kohler
    Engine Capacity 1028 cc
    Speed Fixed
    Engine Speed 3000 RPM

    Engine Power @3000RPM

    Continuous Duty

    20.11 BHP
    No. Of Cylinders 3 Cylinders
    Engine Emission Compliance CPCB II
    Engine Cooling Liquid Cooled
    Engine Controller Features DSE Controller with Start Stop
    Button, Voltage, Fuel Indication,
    Engine Room Temperature,
    Running Hours, Engine Safety
    Start Stop Operation Single Button Press
    Operator Training Level Required Layman
    Noise Level During Operation <85dB decibels
    Lighting Amber Yellow Rotating Beacon
    Fuel Tank Capacity 40 Litres
    Continuous Operation Hours 8 Hours
    Gross Machine Weight 740 Kg

    Maximum Machine Length

    (including hose, tool etc.)

    1890 mm

    Maximum Machine Width

    (including hose, tool etc.)

    1480 mm

    Maximum Machine Height

    (including hose, tool etc.)

    1735 mm

    Warranty Period (or hours

    whichever earlier)

    12 months

    Warranty Hours (or period

    whichever earlier)

    2000 hours
    No. Of Free Servicing 3

    Wet Garbage which can be lifted

    Vegetables, Fruits, Bags of wet
    waste, leaves, garden waste,
    coconuts, vegetable market waste,
    dead animal waste
    Dry garbage which can be lifted

    Synthetics, Textiles, plastic bags,
    plastics bottles, plastic cans,
    plastic mugs, FMCG wrappers,
    cardboard, newspapers,

    magazines, paper, jeans, glass

    bottles, beercans, ropes, wires

    Gravel, dust, stones which can be lifted

    Gravel, dust, stone up to 5mm in
    Fan make Spruce Up Proprietary Cyclone
    Velocity special alloy fan

    Fan Hopper Cartridge


    Proprietary patent pending
    architecture allows for maximum
    airflow, collection capacity with
    smallest footprint
    Chassis type CAE optimized stress balanced
    chassis designed for crane lift and
    modular portability
    Engine Fan Drive Special proprietary design for
    lowering weight and increasing
    efficiency and reducing
    Hose clip accessories Imported, high quality German
    engineering design made for long
    lasting operations


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