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  • PROFESSIONAL GRADE 24WATT 4ft Full Spectrum horticultural lighting solution with High PAR and PPFD output. Used in commercial farms all over the country. Comes with a reassuring 2.5 YEAR WARRANTY. Our customer support is available from 9am to 9pm 365 days. You can count on our experts for anything from growing to selling your produce.
  • BACKED BY SCIENCE, MADE WITH PASSION Complete Photosynthetically Active Spectrum from 380-800nm. The led grow lamp pioneers on the newly researched 500-580nm. Our R&D lab shows a faster fruit development by 15% and a harvest increase of upto 25%, when compared to conventional Red-Blue full spectrum led light bar. The all rounder artificial sunlight for plants.
  • STANDS THE TEST OF TIME Aluminium extrusion with an optically clear Poly-Carbonate cover to protect the LEDs from the elements and impact resistance. The light is designed to be used in commercial farms where the conditions are not really ideal, being splashed by water accidentally being thrown around. The heat from thousands of lights operating together. The light will stand the test of time. The light is Made in India, Made for India.
  • GROW ALL THAT YOUR HEART WANTS with a high PAR output, and a broadly researched spectrum. We have this light commercially operating in leafy farms and herb farms across India. Grow all veggies in your balcony, perfect for your flower garden, Grow the herbs in your grow tent be it auto flowers or photoperiod. The Flower Power has your back. The older generation of this light has been successfully operating with over 500 clients across the country.
  • EASY TO USE plug n play cable connector let’s you get started as soon as you unbox it with no technician required with 2m long power cable. The optional stand is another one of our in-house innovations, it has been made keeping multiple requirements in mind, easy to mount anywhere, the smooth and reliable pulley system allows you to tailor the spread and intensity of the light depending on the stage of your plants and your requirements.


Pro-Grade Commercial Grow Light

With over 2 years of extensive research we have made the most cost efficient grow light in the world. This does not mean we cut corners in quality. The light is equipped with diodes, driver, housing from the best manufacturers in the world. To stand by it all we are the only Grow Light manufacturer in the world to replace the product no questions asked in a period of 2.5 years!


Purpose built

All our measuring devices, nutrients, growlights, air pumps, water pumps, grow channels are purpose built for the application of indoor vertical farming. We believe that if you are doing something then to do it well. Hence, all our products although built to be the most compatible with each other are also highly cross compatible.


Made in India. Made For India

Bringing in the best of Global Technology to match the harsh and demanding Indian usage. Because the future of food and farming starts from you.

Flowerpower 24W Flowering Biased Grow Light (Pack of 3)

Taxes Included
  • Specifications:

    • 120 led, 24 Watts (for better distribution of the spectrum)
    • Aluminium Housing with Thermal Paste (for better heat dissipation)
    • Diodes from Seoul and Osram
    • Custom made driver for handling power fluctuations
    • Electro Magnetic Impulse Suppressor
    • Spectrum designed with professional and hobby growers across the country
    • Optical Grade Poly Carbonate Diffuser for Weather Proofing (same stuff used in bullet proof glass)
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