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E-Vehicle Mounted Close Garbage Hopper Tipper 1.2 CuM


Load body will have one back tipping Hopper in two close compartment having the capacity of 0.6 cuM of each bucket and total volumetric capacity 1.20 cum with dry & wet arrangement. The design tipping leakage and hopper will be in such a manner the garbage can be unload separately in to Portable compactor Bucket and Tip Guard & Transfer station and existing secondary storage container.

FLOOR THICKNESS: - 1.60 mm Sheet properly strengthened with M.S. Pipe and Channel.

SIDE PANEL THICKNESS: - 1.20 mm Sheet properly strengthened with M.S. pipe.
Top Roof: 1.20 mm with 02 Nos Garbage Filling Door.

Hydraulic system is driven by a D.C. Power Pack & Bucket up / down through a Push button remote.

Hydraulic hose shall be used for pressure line R2 type and make Indo or equivalent ISO certified company.

Light weight heavy duty Single Acting 01 nos. hydraulic cylinder with super honed tube and hardened ground and hard chrome plated rods shall be make – Reputed make as Dantal/RMB or equal.

The body shell is properly cleaned before painting. One coat of primer and two coats enamel paint of superior quality are to be applied on outer surface. Paint and painting process shell be superior quality to ensure long lasting structure resistant to rust, weathering and breakage.

Volumetric capacity : 1.20 Cubic Meter of both Compartment
Plate Thickness : 1.20 mm Thick
Base Frame : ISMC 75X40
Base Frame Thickness : 3.0 mm

The equipment is suitable for mounting on Mahindra Three Wheeler E- Vehicle with driver’s cabin as per the following specifications shown.

E-Vehicle Mounted Garbage Hopper Tipper 1.2 CuM

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  • Specifications:

    Item - Description Details
    Model NG-DUMPER1200
    Tipper Close Type
    Body One Close Hopper in Two Partitions
    Dry Hopper 0.6 cum
    Wet Hopper 0.6 cum
    Material of Body MS IS:2062
    Base Frame Thickness 3.0 mm
    Plate thickness 1.60 mm IS: 2062
    Base Frame 75x40
    Hydraulic Cylinder 01 Nos
    Cylinder type Single Acting
    Hydraulic System drive by DC Power Pack
    Hopper up /down Remote button
    Tipping Angle 45 Degree
    Electric Vehicle  
    Make & Model Mahindra Three Wheeler E- Vehicle
    GVW 995 Kg
    Wheel Base 2216 mm
    Type Battery Operated
    Battery type Lithium- ion 48 V
    Charger 15 Amp off board Charger
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