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Clover® – SW (Composting Inoculum)

In order to help manage solid waste from the household or community level, Clover has created a powerful composting inoculum.

The product can also be used to degrade not only kitchen waste and other tough organic biomass, but also holds the power to degrade oil sludge!

The product is pleasant and sweet smelling when opened.

Mismanagement of solid waste often leads to the destruction of natural resources like water and soil and creates ideal conditions for disease infestation amongst all living beings. 

It is 100% organic and safe to use. The various advantages of using Clover® - SW are as follows:



  • Degradation of tricky or tough biomass: Clover® - SW helps to break up tough biomass like food waste, meat, oil sludge etc, which cannot be broken up by normal composting. Initially it helps to ferment the biomass and then  accelerates composting.
  • Production of enriched compost: The process of decomposition is preceded by fermentation. This helps in creating more nutrients in the compost thereby enriching it.
  • Foul odour suppression: Clover® - SW has the ability to suppress foul odour in a matter of minutes. Apply it to believe it!!
  • Efficient treatment of leachate: It treats the leachate emanating from solid waste, which can otherwise pollute the environment. The leachate can be further used for composting, thereby saving precious fresh water.

Clover® – SW (Composting Inoculum)

  • Pack size = 1 Kg






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