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The Cleanland VS-Shakti-6000 Truck Mounted Sweeping Machine is suitable for cleaning of roads, ports and industrial areas by removing dust, pebble, leaves, loose deposits, coal, dry fertilizer and silica waste, cement waste etc. 


Salient Features:
1. Designed & Manufactured in India: Especially suited for Indian working conditions
2. Extremely simple to use: Specially designed for ease of use which allows machine to be operated very easily by unskilled persons
3. Rugged Construction: Designed to withstand harsh Indian working conditions
4. Self Propelled: Allows the machine to move from one place to another on its own
5. Hydraulic Operation: Makes machine almost maintenance free since extremely simple design
6. One Person Operation: Results in less requirement of labour & subsequently low ownership cost


Areas of Application:
Bus Stand, Stadium, Railway Station, Museum, Airport, Zoo, Hospital, Public Garden, Streets, Roads, Amusement Park, Colonies, Industries and many more.

Cleanland VS-Shakti-6000 Truck Mounted Sweeping Machine

  • Technical Specifications:

    One Horizontal Brush 1900 mm

    1 Horizontal Brush &

    2 Side Brushes

    3000 mm
    Sweeping Capacity 30,000 Sq.Mt/Hr.

    Hopper Storage


    6000 kg
    Sweeping Speed 1-10 km/Hr.

    Kirloskar Water Cooled Diesel Engine

    Power 105 H.P. @ 2200 RPM


    4 Cylinder

    Main Brush

    2200 mm
    Side Brush 650 mm [Diameter]
    Hyd. Oil Tank 60 Ltr.
    Dust Control System

    High Efficiency Filtration & Automatic Filter

    Cleaning System Through Pulse Jet Air

    Hydraulic Vibrator      

    Provided in Filter Chamber to Clean The Filter in Case of Heavy Choking

    Water Spray System

    Water Spray Nozzles Provided With High Pressure Water Pump

    Water Tank 500 Ltr.
    Suction Fan

    High Efficiency Dynamically Balanced Multi Bladed

    Vacuum Fan Driven by Auxiliary Engine Through V-Belt

    CCD Camera System

    On Sweeping Head & Rear of Machine

    Vacuum Hose


    150 mm
    Vacuum Hose Length 15 Ft.







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