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The BVAC 120 Vacuum Litter Collector is ECO-Friendly and is best suited equipment for outdoor locations. It enables quick-response cleaning especially in areas which are difficult to reach by the traditional mechanical sweepers.
The BVAC 120 Vacuum Litter Collector is ideal for spot-cleaning in confined areas where accessibility is limited or restricted like around street furniture, under benches, footpaths, patios, driveways, under-bushes, alleyways, parking lots, parks, gardens and busy pedestrian urban areas.



Organic litter or kitchen litter like vegetables, fruits, flowers, dry leaves, cut grass, dog faeces are bio-degradable and need to be collected separately so that effective waste management procedures are followed to help conservation of nature.
Non-Organic litter like paper, glass, plastic, tetra packs, cloth, aluminium foils, wrappers are non bio-degradable and need to be collected separately so that effective waste management procedures are followed to help conservation of nature.

The BVAC 120 Vacuum Litter Collector is a highly productive, cost effective and virtually maintenance-free way of litter management.


The BILSET 1202 SMARTCITY CART is a revolutionary STREET CLEANING BARROWS developed for Outdoor Cleaning and Collection. It comes with Double Bin of 120 Liters each, making on spot segregation of wet and dry waste. It is easy to handle and maneuver unlike traditional heavy carts.

BVAC 120 Vacuum Litter Collector with Smart City Cart

  • BVAC 120 Vacuum Litter Collector

    Comes with:
    • The unit is powered by a 2-Stroke petrol engine
    • 120 Litre Bin
    • Liner for use with disposable garbage bags

    Key Features:

    • The Most Versatile Street Cleaning Equipment In The Market Today
    • One Switch Operation For Litter Collection Directly Into Garbage Bags
    • No Dispersion Of Dust Particles Into The Environment Unlike In Manual
    Broom Cleaning
    • Remove Litter From Hard To Access Areas
    • Faster - Efficient Cleaning
    • Modern Ergonomic Design
    • Simple To Use & Operate
    • Save Time – Save Money



    Comes with:

    • Frame: Steel
    • Container Capacity: 2 x 120 Liters
    • Pneumatic Tires
    • Front Castor Wheels (with Brakes)
    • Operator's Tool box
    • Accessories: Shovel and Brush


    Features / Advantages:

    • Double Bin Trolley for on spot waste segregation of two different waste streams, such as for the collection of General Wasteand Mixed Recyclables.
    • Large Diameter Wheel gives the barrow good Ground Clearance and is Easy to Push.
    • Front gate of the Barrow allows easy access to bins for removal and placing.
    • The front braked Castor wheels for easy steer ability.
    • Add our BVAC 120 Vacuum Litter Collector for both Suction and Manual Litter Collection.
    • It is most suitable for Railway Platforms, Parking Lots, Large Campus, High Streets, Residential Areas, Gardens, Children Parks & Recreational Grounds, Resorts, Commercial Building Complexes, Market Areas.






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