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Bamboochi Cycle handmade bamboo bike custom made in India

We are proud to introduce the 'Bamboochi' handmade bamboo bike custom made for city biking.

Bamboo is a lightweight natural material, which is excellent for building bicycles. Thanks to it's stiffness and durability this bamboo is specially prepared to be resistant to rain and other conditions which can occur during a bike ride. The joints are made from natural fibre.

Bamboo and carbon fiber are both composite materials. They are surprisingly similar materials, considering one is natural and grows from the ground while the other is synthesized in a factory.

The unidirectional vascular bundles that make up a bamboo tube are extremely stiff, on par with carbon fiber, but their lower torsional stiffness provides more front-end compliance when descending at speed or riding through rough terrain and single track.

The acceleration and efficiency of bamboo and carbon are very similar–some riders cannot tell any difference in this category. Bamboo climbs very quickly and accelerates and sprints like the best carbon bikes.

However, its additional vibration damping (due to the bamboo’s fleshy lignin) and progressive stiffness combine to create a bike that is more supple and comfortable, without giving up speed and performance.

Bamboo is significantly more durable than carbon fiber, but it also weighs more and is denser. While a bamboo frame may add weight over a superlight carbon monocoque frame, but its failure rate is very less!

Compare this to any carbon frame and you’ll realize the benefit of a little additional static weight is that a bamboo frame will last. Last not the least ..bamboo frames are much cheaper than carbon frames and green too.

To get your own hand crafted BAMBOOCHI cycle contact +91 98705 55092.

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Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
May 12, 2021

Ohhh nice eco-friendly products for health

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