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5 Fun things to do at Home

Here are our Top 5 ideas on fun things to do with your family. They boost your health, benefit everyone around you and also help create a happier and cleaner planet.

1- Setup your home vegetable garden. Every spot of sunshine in your home is a potential food source. The best part of growing edible plants at home is that you know what you are eating is pure natural goodness. If there is a gold standard in organic food it has got to be home grown! The flavours and freshness of home grown herbs and vegetables grown by your own love and care is incomparable. So is the sheer joy of the entire journey of watching them grow. If there is any happiness therapy guaranteed to work, this is it! Read more on how and what you can grow in your balcony or near any sunny window in your home here - 'Healthy edible plants you can grow indoors'.

2 - Put natural air purifiers in every room.

What we breathe is what we become. The importance of clean air cannot be understated. It affects our energy level, immune system and general well being. Natural air purifying plants absorb pathogens and enhance oxygen levels indoors which is great for your body. They also look beautiful and make you feel closer to nature and not isolated, creating a general sense of well being. The easiest indoor air purify plants to find are the money plant, snake plant and the peace lily. Read more on the best air purifiers you can use in your home here - 'Top 5 Natural Air Purifiers'.

3 - Start segregating your home's garbage into 3 types:

BIN NUMBER -1 for Recyclable waste that scrap dealers buy for paper, metal and glass.

Sell this to your kabadiwala and feed the poor with the money you get.

BIN NUMBER -2 for Organic waste from your kitchen and garden.

Convert this waste into rich natural compost which you will use to grow your vegetables and air purifiers in. Home made compost is full of nutrients that all plants love and benefit from. Be sure to make good quality compost and mix with mud in a suitable ratio before adding to your pot soil.

Read more on how to make compost at home here - 'Top 5 home composting solutions'.

BIN NUMBER - 3 for everything else. This should be responsibly sealed in a leak proof bio-degradable bin bag be sent for disposal to your housing society or municipal waste collector.

Estimate your daily capacity requirement and checkout our 'Top 5 Recycling / Waste Separation Bins' to find the one that meets your requirement.

4 - Switch to raw snacks instead of eating anything out of a plastic packet. Most single use plastic waste we generate is during snacking and binge eating outside of our meal times. Next time you are binge watching today's #1 trending show on Netflix or Prime pickup an apple or a carrot instead of a pack of your favourite chips or namkeen or chocolate! Raw foods enhance our body's alkalinity. If you wondering what that is, it's the opposite of acidity and gives your body super powers! An acidic body is more susceptible to infections and is generally weaker. Increase your intake of alkaline (raw) foods and built your immunity while enjoying a nice mix of ripe fruit and raw veg. Best and quickest 'dressing' is nimboo and kala namak (black salt). For those who want to spice it up a bit more, MDH ka jaljeera sprinkled generously hits the spot! 5 - Declutter your home and wardrobe. Dispose of all items you no longer need, use, like or fit into. Donate all these items to the 3 charities nearest to your home. By doing this you will benefit the underprivileged nearest to you while also recycling all your waste. We hope you enjoy doing these activities and they fill you with a sense of joy and abundance. It will also strengthen your connention with the natural world of wonders around you. Living healthy and in harmony with nature is a fun choice to make which is fulfilling and enriching. It also makes you feel happy and enjoy your time spent at home during this lockdown. Please write to us if you wish to share your experiences or need any further information. Stay safe. Stay healthy. Stay happy!

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Maya Norula
Maya Norula
14 мая 2021 г.

Fun ideas! Am going to try some! Thankyou!


Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar
09 мая 2021 г.

Nice ideas 💡

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