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Happy Holi 2016!

Holi is a festival of colors which is celebrated with joy throughout India. People rejoice this vivid festival with bright colors to celebrate the arrival of spring that signifies the end of the cold winters. Since ancient times, Holi colors have been prepared from the flowers of trees and plants that blossom during spring. Most of these plants have medicinal properties, which are actually beneficial to the skin and help to increase immunity and heat tolerance and bring balance to the elements with our bodies.

Over the years, with the disappearance of trees in urban areas and greater stress for higher profits, these natural colours have been replaced by industrial dyes manufactured through chemical processes that are potentially harmful to our health and the environment. Most artificial colours available in the market are made up of oxidized metals like zinc and mercury which cause damage to the skin leading to irritation and skin burning. Excessive use of these unnatural colours can also cause permanent blindness and incurable diseases such as cancer.


Widespread contamination of water and soil affects our ecological balance, as chemical colors are highly structured polymers, which are very difficult to decompose biologically. Every year, millions of litres of water is wasted while playing Holi, leading to the faster depletion of water resources across the country.

Enjoy a Fun, Natural & Eco-friendly Holi the way it was meant to be!

In recent years more and more people are choosing to celebrate a dry holi to conserve water. To avoid having a detrimental effect on the environment you can buy natural holi colours from here and select organic gifts for your family and friends from our eco shop.

If you'd like to make your own holi colours, give it a try. It's super easy. Take corn starch, food coloring and water. Lay it out on a cookie sheet, let all the water evaporate (Close to 2 days), then crush the powder till it's fine and you have your own home made natural colours.

May the magnificent festival of Holi color your life with abundant gifts and happiness while enjoying a responsible celebration!

These 100% Herbal holi colours are made using petals and seeds of flowers ,barks of trees, medicinal herbs like kumkum, neem ,tulsi,etc. and other natural products like henna, turmeric, red sandalwood, berries of Indigo tree and beetroot. Herbal holi colours cause no damage to the skin and are Eco-friendly. They do not cause eye infections and respiratory problems unlike synthetic colours. We urge you to use these skin friendly herbal holi colours to add extra glitter to your colourful Holi celebrations this year.

Wish you and your loved ones a very Happy Holi 2016!

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