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DIY Christmas Decorations

It’s that time of the year, and if you’re feeling creative and want to upcycle your products these are some very interesting ideas to get you into the festive mood.


What you need:

- Old light bulbs

- Glitter

- Glue

- Thin Cord


- Apply glue on the light bulbs

- Sprinkle glitter or dip the bulb in glitter

- Let it dry

- Attach it to a cord

- You can further decorate the bulb according to your choice


What you need:

- Paperboard egg cartons

- Glue

- A metal ring

- Tape


- Start by cutting the egg cartons, you use the small ‘towers’ that divide the eggs

- Cut them into flowers as shown in the image

- If the metal ring in closed, use a metal cutter to open them up

- Make small holes at the end of each flower and stick them into the metal wreath

- Glue the flowers in place with a little space between each one, one by one all around the wreath

- Use tape and close the wreath

- You’re ready to hang it up

- Optional: you can paint your wreath with some red, green and white


Cinnamon sticks have wonderful texture and unique aroma and bring pleasant brown colors into holiday homes.

What you need:

- Cinnamon sticks

- Twine

- Candles


- Place the Cinnamon sticks around the candle as shown in the image

- Cut off any extra bit

- Tie the cinnamon sticks around the candle with twine

- Light the candle and enjoy


What you need:

- Yarn scraps (the more colours the better)

- Cord or tassel end findings

- Two 2 inch cardboard circles (for small pom pom)

- Two 3.5 inch larger cardboard circles (for larger pom pom)


- Begin by wrapping the wool around the circles

- Take scissors and cut through the yarn between the two pieces of card making your way around the edge of the circle

- Cut a 23 inch length of your scraps and tie them around your pom pom between the cardboard circles (make sure you tie it nice and tight)

- Cut another 20 inch length and begin making a braid as shown in the image