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Solar Rooftops: Product
ongrid solar rooftop power plant design

Ongrid Solar Rooftop Power Plants

solar power plant ongrid

• Maximize clean energy potential of land & buildings.
• Utilize Government incentives of 30%-70% subsidy on capital expenditure for rooftop solar available for individuals, educational insitutions and 'non profit' institutions.
• Reduce carbon emissions from our own small piece of the planet and preserve it for future generations.

Key Financials
• The expected return on investment on a solar power plant without insurance or currency hedging expected to be 15%-20% over the lifetime of the asset.
• The payback period depends on the state offered feed in tariffs for solar installations and the level of subsidy received. Conservatively this would be between 5-6 yrs on an asset life of 25 years.

Ten Reasons To invest in a solar power plant NOW

1. Extremely positive environmental and social impact on local community.
2. Projected IRR of around 20%.
3. Income stream of 25 years+
4. Asset backed investment providing energy security in a world with volatile supply and prices.
5. A green, ethical, sustainable investment.
6. An investment that is diversified from financial markets across asset class, commodity and currency.
7. Energy supply disruptions and insufficient production from traditional large state owned utilities continues to plague India 70 years after independence.
8. Energy independence has NOW become an option for citizens from 2017. In the last 10 years Solar PV prices have reduced by 90% !
9. It is now cheaper to produce electricity from solar instead of burning coal !
10. A structure designed with maximum security in mind where retains a partnership in the project, ensuring the installation is professionally managed and maximum operational efficiency achieved.

Diversification Option
- Explore wind generation potential of property for development.

The main purpose of’s Solar Power Plant projects for homes & buildings is to maximize the energy security and independence potential of land & buildings while reducing thier carbon footprint.

Benefits of investing in a solar power plant

Please contact us to invest in a Solar Power Plant today.

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