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Wind + Solar Hybrid - SolarMills


The SolarMill® is the world's first integrated hybrid rooftop power generator. 

Performance Advantages

  • Roof-top wind & solar hybrid energy system

  • 24-hour power production capability.

  • Very high renewable energy density per square foot.

  • Scalable power generation with hybrid or solar.

  • Power generation starting at 2m/s (4.5mph) wind speed.

  • Mechanical braking at high-speed winds beyond 18.5m/s (41mph).

  • Offsets peak energy pricing.

  • Easily integrates with backup battery storage systems.

  • Optional online energy monitoring for inverter, panels, and wind systems.

  • No complicated masts, guy wires, or towers



  • Three Low profile Vertical Axis Wind Turbines (VAWT).

  • Silent operation & environmentally friendly

  • Integrated Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT).

  • Minimal running maintenance required.

  • Temperature sensing electronics for thermal protection.

  • Withstand temperature ranges from -30°C to 50°C (-22°F to 122°F)
















In an effort to provide more consistent energy generation than a “wind only” or “solar only” system, WindStream Energy Technologies India Pvt. Ltd has developed a first-of-its-kind, fully integrated, “HYBRID” renewable energy product, The “SolarMill®.” We are Business Associates of Windstream Energy Technologies and implement projects across North India using their hybrid power generators.


The SolarMill® incorporates 3 vertical axis wind turbines (VAWT) with P.V. technology within a compact footprint, creating the greatest energy density of any product on the market. The hybrid concept of the SolarMill® is unique, seamlessly integrating wind and solar energy generation in a single unit. This allows the product to be an effective solution in markets where the natural resources available for wind or solar energy generation alone do not justify investment.

The SolarMill® is designed to work in both on-grid and off-grid environments. Whether on the roof of a commercial building to offset rising energy costs, installed at an eco-friendly resort, or deployed in remote locations bringing power to people who’ve never had electricity, the products are designed to deliver substantial results. This unique design enables the SolarMill® to be easily installed as renewable energy solutions where traditional technologies may not be deployed. SolarMills® have been installed in India, helping businesses achieve mandated carbon emissions reductions, homeowners have installed the technology either to reduce monthly expenses, and/or to express their concern for the environment. With installations in the cold of Scandinavia, or in the sunny and salty Caribbean Islands, or subject to the sandy desert heat in the Middle East, SolarMills have performed as expected, providing energy to our customers worldwide.


The SolarMill® is the world’s most complete renewable energy generation device. Instead of a footprint dedicated to a singular solution, WindStream Technologies’ engineers have designed a unique set of vertical axis wind turbines, added the highest quality solar panels, and a patented system of integrated electronics, to create a hybrid device with the highest energy density in the market. As seen in the chart below, the daily and seasonal trends of wind and solar resources are all mitigated by capturing both at any time of the day or year.

Why SolarMill® versus Solar Only?


The SolarMill generates :

·       Daytime energy from the sun and wind

·       Night time energy from the wind

·       Higher energy production on cloudy days

·       Better daytime energy peaks

·       More Total Energy!



We offer the latest technologies in renewable energy, waste management, and

eco-friendly innovations.


Our services cover the entire life cycle of your investment spanning project design, installation & commissioning, operation, maintenance and repairs

for all the technologies we promote #ForThePlanet.


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