Smart Feedback

October 30, 2019



Urban tech solutions to capture consumer & citizen feedback from physical and digital channels.


Smart Feedback enables you to monitor, understand and impact customer happiness. We help you manage the customer experience delivered by a brand to its consumers or a city to its citizens.

Smart Feedback brings internet of things (IOT) enabled data, as well as digital data, to collect last mile and distributed user feedback from all points of interaction. Our GIS enabled interface allows you to monitor sentiments by location, create alerts and escalations based on automated data-driven rules, and link feedback metrics to marketing and awareness generation, customer relationship management and operations management.


IOT enabled feedback stat

Quick, accessible and highly visible internet of things (IOT) based physical feedback stations have smiley buttons to rate the quality of service for a single metric.
Ideal for high traffic areas such as public facilities, hospitals, grain shops, monuments, railways, metro stations, public schools, and more.



Real Time Monitoring Through Cloud Dashboard

Customer experience happens in the moment.

Operational excellence requires cities and businesses to track performance in the real time, raise alerts, and manage complex multi-location, multi-channel portfolios. Single national cloud dashboard, with tiered data architecture and access allows management at every level.




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