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Neptune Vehicle Mounted Double Barrel Spraying/Fogging Machine is a pulse-jet thermal fogger and is manufactured and tested in accordance with international quality standards and complies with WHO Requirements. All seals, gasket and diaphragm contacting solution are made of Teflon and Vinton Material. Easy start up, operate and maintain. Sprays when disinfectant mixed with water and produces fumes when mixed with diesel. Competent for heavy duty. Precisely regulating valve to regulate solution output.

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Vehicle Mounted Double Barrel Spraying/Fogging Machine

  • Solution Tank 100 Ltr
    Fuel Tank 16 Ltr
    Power 37.5 Kw
    Fuel Consumption 3.3 Ltr/Hrs
    Max Flow Rate 85 Ltr/Hrs
    Starting Mode  Fully Automatic
    Weight                  80 Kg               
    Power Supply      

    12 V DC

    Rechargeable Battery







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