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MODEL 1080XL is the world's first integrated plug and play system for clean water, energy, aesthetics.


  • Flexible solar module harnesses clean energy and powers the 1080XL

  • Smart energy storage algorithm manages and distributes power over days

  • Energy efficient diffused lighting system provides a unique glow at night

  • Physical filter uses high flow rates to reduce TSS and large organic matter in the water

  • Real-time sensors collects environmental data and sends alerts for system maintenance

  • View data and manage the 1080 through your smart phone

  • Solar energy stored in our batteries can power ancillary devices and EV's

  • 1080 can withstand wind speeds upto140 kmph


There are three models:


  • 10M x 10M
  • Over 400,000 liters Clean Water annually
  • Upto 10KWp of Clean Energy



  • 18M x 18M
  • Over 700,000 liters Clean Water annually
  • Upto 32KWp of Clean Energy



  • 20M x 20M
  • Over 1 million liters Clean Water annually
  • Upto 45KWp of Clean Energy


Solar Shed - Model 1080XL

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