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Spherical parabolic cookers are direct concentrating cookers with a dish-type reflector directing most of the intercepted solar radiation to a point of focus. The cooking vessel is supported at this focus point, thus creating a heating situation very similar to traditional open fire cooking. The concentrators can vary in form shallow to deep dish shapes and they can have a continuous reflecting surface or be made out of concentric rings, which are supported to focus the radiation. Dish-type concentrators require direct sunlight to function and must be frequently orientated towards the sun.



  • It can cook the food within 30 min. to 1 hour. It can cook 4 to 6 time faster than box type solar cookers. Thus it is useful for all families.
  • Useful to cook, boil, shallow fry the food & milk which is not possible in conventional box type cookers.
  • Fast feedback period, no maintenance, long life, easy operation safe, easy to handle & eco friendly.


Uratom Solar Parabolic Disc Cooker

    Aperture Area 1.4/2.4 sq. Meter (For S.K.-14/S.K.-24 model)
    Reflector 0.45mm Anodized Aluminum
    Reflectivity > 92%
    All M.S structures are P.P. powder coated to provide rust free look for long time

    Capacity &


    SK-14 for Domestic purpose, 4-5 people

    SK-24 for Commercial purpose, 30-40 people   

    It is advised to use 5 Liter for S.K.-14 & 14.5 Ltr. for S.K.-24, ISI marked pressure cooker having blackened bottom.






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