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Neptune Portable Fogging Machine is a pulse-jet thermal fogger. It is manufactured and tested in accordance with international quality standards and complies with WHO Requirements. All seals, gasket & diaphragm contacting solution are made of Teflon & Vinton Material.


  • Sprays when disinfectant mixed with water and produces fumes when mixed with diesel.
  • High-grade Stainless Steel Fuel fuel tank and chemical tank .
  • Good quality stainless steel-cooling jacket and protective shield for security and safety.
  • Easy to start up, operate and maintain.
  • Competent for heavy duty.
  • Precisely regulating valve to regulate solution output.

Portable Fogging/Spraying Machine TS-35A

  • Solution Tank 5 Ltr (stainless steel)
    Fuel Tank 1.5 Ltr (stainless steel)
    Power 13.8-18.2 KW / 18.8-24.8 HP
    Fuel Consumption 1.5 - 2 Ltr/Hrs
    Max Flow Rate 30 Ltr/Hrs
    Flow Rate With Oil  8 - 42 Ltr/Hrs


    4 x 1.5 V Battery
    Weight                    7.9 kg                                    







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