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  • Has 6 leds
  • Battery 500mah,  3.6v lithium battery (can be recharged at least 800 times)
  • Power = 1.2w
  • Hand crank dynamo for 1 minute, can support 3 led lights for 20 minutes, 6 led lights for 10 minutes
  • Size = 23 x 8.5cm (length x  width)
  • Weight approx. = 300g
  • Solar charging: with sufficient light the solar panel will produce automatic charging. If the light is strong, the charging efficiency is high.
  • Usb charging: It is equipped with a usb interface, can be charged with computer, notebook and other usb interface.
  • Hand crank dynamo charging: Turn crank for 1 minutes, can support 3 led lights for 20 minutes, 6 led lights for 10 minutes.
  • Dynamo charging method: open the crank handle, with one hand, hold lamp, turn crank with clockwise rotation, speed of about 120 rpm.
  • Lighting: click the lighting button once for 3 led light, and then click again for 6 led light. Once more click and the light turns off.
  • Package included: 1 x solar lantern


Outdoor Solar Hand Crank Dynamo Powered LED Lantern

  • Please see Main Description for Specifications






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