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Nido Ride On City SweeperBattery ND-ICE-RS-S2000 MK is an electric road sweeper with the special chassis overall structure of the combined mode of sweeping and vacuuming.The sweeper is superior to the similar domestic products, which is featured by the stylish appearance and flexible operation. Hence,it is the ideal sweeper model for the occasions such as street, community, school, etc. requiring the sweeping and cleaning of large areas.


Salient Features:

  • Zero emission, environmental protection
  • Low noise, do not disturb the surrounding environment
  • Low cost and economical
  • Easy to drive & low labor cost


Advanced Features:

  • All-in-one vacuuming & sweeping machine, it’s adopting to the special chassis overall structure of the combined mode of sweeping and vacuuming, which is suitable for runway sweeping, flour & soybean factory floor, wood chip vacuum , cement, sands & dust tiny sweeping, alley-street sweeping, community road sweeping etc cleaning and sweeping
  • Two layer filter system design—one layer steel filter system design that is aiming at plastic bottle, leaves,tissue paper, plastic bag, canister,pebble etc vacuuming and filtering, steel filter system is able to stock this garbage at inclosed waste hopper.
  • The second filter system is able to vacuum and filter effectively tiny dust such as flour,soybean,sand etc.
  • High efficiency fan motor system
  • The fan motor pressure is 4000 Pa , and blast capacity is 3600 m3/h.
  • Hydraulic auto dumping system, the waste bin dumping height has 800-850mm
  • Double operation model system–Manual operation and LED touch screen operation
  • Auto lifting adjustment with suction mouth to provide good trafficability

Nido Ride On City Sweeper – Battery

  • Technical Specifications:

    Sweeping width 2000~2350 mm
    Cleaning efficiency >20000 m²/h
    Max gradeability 25%
    Main brush’s Diameter 500 mm
    Side brush’s diameter 700 mm
    Power supply 48 v
    Working time 5~8 h
    Water tank capacity 300/150 L
    Dustbin capacity 1000 L
    Driving power 5500 W
    Vacuum power 5500 W

    Working power (motor):

    main brush -

    fan -

    side brushes -

    vibration -

    oil pump -

    water pump -



    700 W

    5500 W

    150×4  W

    100×2 W

    2200 W

    1500 W

    Working speed 10 km/h
    Driving speed >25 km/h
    Filtering area 24 m²
    Turning radius 4500 mm
    Dimension (L/W/H) 4.3×2.35×2.46 mm
    Wheelbase 1900 mm
    Tread 1400 mm
    Net weight 2030/2230 kg
    Air conditioner 48 v(optional)







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