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Hardoll 60 LED Solar Motion Sensor Security flood light for Home Garden Wall outdoor

Solar flood lights are one of the simplest options to reduce criminal activity around an area. It may be a home compound, a farm or a school, installing a good solar lighting system is assured to improve security. For most consumers, the decision to start using solar flood light is probably the high cost to lighting up a wide area. Using floodlights connected to the national electricity grid may be expensive and erratic depending on the area hence the need for solar flood lights.

Solar flood light Enhances the use of other safety devices in the area such as cameras. Solar flood lights allow the use of cameras for security at night by providing the required lighting for it to capture what is happening. The solar LED flood lights can operate at a high powered light when motion activated to increase the camera’s capturing distance and increase its visibility and then switch to a lower light level for camera use. This ensures that the user can capture everything that happens at the specific location at all times including at night. Users may also combine the camera system and the solar powered flood lighting into one

How to use the Control Dials

This Solar Security flood light lets you adjust the settings with the use of three control dials: LUX, SENS, and TIME.


This setting measures ambient light and determines when the unit will come on as ambient light fades.

When set to maximum, the light will turn on automatically in most day/night situations ranging from dusk to dawn.

When set to minimum, the light will turn on only when it is dark. This setting is most appropriate when using the light during the very late-evening and night hours.


  • This setting determines the range of the motion sensor.
  • Its mid position is the normal setting.
  • The maximum position extends the sensor range to 10 meters.


  • This setting determines the duration the light stays on after detecting nearby motion.
  • This duration can range from 8 seconds to 2 minutes.
  • To increase the duration turn the dial clockwise.

Package included :

The package includes solar light, solar panel , screws and user manual.

Safety Information:

  • Never keep the light under the shade or install it under any street light/utility light which may keep the light off.
  • Needs direct Sun light to get the battery fully charged. Remember to keep at least 8 hours under the sun before first time use.

Warranty Details for this offer

This product includes 10 days money back & 12 months warranty

60 Led Solar Motion Sensor Security Light ML-109

₹2,750.00 Regular Price
₹2,350.00Sale Price
Taxes Included

BULK BUY - Extra 10% on 5+ units

  • Specification:

    Type PIR Solar Motion Sensor Light
    Solar Panel 6V/1W
    Power 4W, 650 lumens
    LED Qty 60 pcs
    Working Type Motion Sensor
    Battery 3.7V 4400mAh
    Safety Waterproof (IP 44)
    Material ABS Plastic + Aluminum
    Time delay 8 sec- 2min
    Cable Length 5 m
    Sensor Angle 180 degrees
    Sensing Distance 8-10 m
    Charging Time 6-8hrs
    Product Weight 880gms
    Warranty 12 months


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