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Evo+ N95 Certified Face Mask

  • India's first Reusable Mask with Respirator.
  • Anti-Viral & Anti Microbial
  • Washable and Reusable
  • 3 Layer Advanced Filtration
  • Certified by NABL Accredited Laboratory
  • Make-In-India


Evo+ N95 Certified Face Mask

  • Base price shown is for one unit.

    Minimum order size is 10000 units.



    Brand Evo+ N95
    Type Respirator
    Filter Efficiency 96.3%
    Mask Type Half Mask
    Respirator Type Air Purifying Respirator
    Mounting Type Ear
    Size S, M, L
    Material Cotton
    Colour Black, Camoflague, Multicolour
    Spacer Fabric 100% Polyester
    Shape Not Easily Collapsed
    Breathing with Expiratoxy Valve Good
    High Filtration Efficiency Passes the Test
    Protection Protects from Exposure to Biohazards including Virus and Bacteria
    Reusable and Washable Yes







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