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We offer the Techno Small Solar LED Street Light Luminaries in various sizes of LED panels ranging from 6W to 30W.


These energy efficient lights have dusk & dawn automation, are for outdoor applications with boost converter with constant current & constant voltage and have highly sensitive indication of battery low and battery over-voltage.


They have all the protection required for the load and the battery side, ie. short circuit protection,  reverse polarity protection and no-load protection.


  • Designed, developed and manufactured in india
  • Higher efficiency solar panel for better output
  • High quality mppt driver
  • Automatic dimming option available
  • Better battery backup on cloudy or rainy days
  • >50000 hrs. Led life span
  • IP67 rated luminary
  • Lithium ion and lithium ferro phosphate battery available with Standalone system
  • Optional bluetooth remote control which enables to manage On/off, dimming and health check of led fittings.


Please Note: This product DOES NOT include a solar panel or battery. It is the LED Luminary fixture only.

Solar Street Light Luminary - Techno Small 6W-30W

LED Rating
  • Please see Specifications Chart in list of images






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