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This system has the following functionality:

  • The Compost24 is a complete and fully automated ‘In vessel composter’ for food and kitchen waste minimisation .
  • The Compost24 provides 85%-90% volume reduction of your high moisture organic food waste and the system capacity stated in KGS/DAY is of waste input capacity.
  • The machine acts as a digestive tank and stores over 5 days waste in the tank. After the 5th day around 10%-15% of original volume of Day 1 is available for use.
  • The process is accelerated through use of digestive bacteria along with de-odorizerers in a temperature and moisture controlled environment.
  • The overall waste disposal costs are low due to low labour requirement of Compost24 compared to other manual or semi-automatic systems.
  • It is the only In vessel composter with the double shredder inbuilt for bones and larger size objects to be crushed in to a paste.
  • The Compost24 has temperature control feature which is essential in areas with temperatures outside the 30-45deg range.
  • Material Of Construction : Moc of Outer Body will be Stainless Steel. Moc of Electrical panel will be poweder coated. Frame & Base will be Mild Steel duly Painted. Moc of all contact parts will be Stainless Steel. Moc of Shredder Hopper will be Stainless Steel. Moc of Shredder will Stainless Steel.
  • Video showing 1 man operation of fully automated Invessel Organic Waster Composter with inbuilt double axis shredder:  Click Here







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