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Brinton N95 Respirator Face Mask	Comfort flat fold style and excellent fit for a variety of different face shapes.	Light weight knitted elastic provides greater work comfort, suits longer duration of wear.	Compatible with other face / head PPE(s)	4 Layer Advanced Filtration.	Haffkine and ISO 9001:2015 Certified.	Made in India

N95 Respirator Face Mask

  • Base price shown is for one unit.

    Minimum order size is 50000 units.



    Brand Airo Fresh Max N95
    Type Respirator
    Filter Efficiency 98.04%
    Mask Type Half Mask
    Respirator Type Air Purifying Respirator
    Mounting Type Ear
    Other Details Flat fold type with Nose Clip
    Material 4-layer  Non-woven fabric / Melt Blown Fabric
    Colour White
    Spacer Fabric Soft Polyester Filter

    Protects from Exposure to Biohazards including Virus and Bacteria






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