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Standard Capacity Station (SC5.5):

Bigbelly’s SC5.5 is a smart, fullness-sensing waste station that is anything but standard. This non-compacting model holds 2-3X real capacity of a traditional bin, and is equipped with sensors that monitor and report fullness levels and collection activity. It is battery powered to communicate its real-time status. The SC5.5 has an enclosed hopper option for total waste containment. This model maintains the durable, high quality and design integrity of all Bigbelly smart stations, and can be customized based on waste stream, options, and accessories.




*The price quoted includes 5yrs. server hosting fees for data warehousing and software license for smart monitoring and reporting package. 

Bigbelly Smart Waste Dustbin

  • Overall Machine Dimensions:
    • Height: 1264 mm
    • Width: 635 mm
    • Depth: 681 mm
    • Handle Height (ADA Compliant): 1095 mm
    • Weight: 68 kg
    • Shipping weight: 82 kg
    • Insertion Opening: Can be configured for variety of recycling / waste streams.
    • Bin Volume: 189 L
    • Bin Dimension: 635 mm x 508 mm x 819 mm


    Waste Streams: Mixed Waste Trash, Single
    Stream / Paper / Bottles & Cans Recycling, or
    Compost / Organics (with appropriate markings).


    Technical Specifications:

    SC5.5 Features:
    • Fully automated, microprocessor controlled system senses fullness and machine status
    • Embedded sensors read and report fullness levels, collection activity into integrated software platform
    • Patent-pending 'SC Sleeve' ensures data accuracy and prevents false fullness readings due to bag interference
    • LED status lamps indicate readiness to collect (fullness level or age of waste), machine status and error codes
    • 4G LTE wireless data link for remote monitoring and management
    • GPS assisted location service
    • With Enclosed Option, Hopper Sensor alerts when hopper is jammed open & logs a count of hopper openings in CLEAN
    • ‘Companion’ model is also available to couple with either an HC5 or SC5.5 ‘Hub’
    • Note: Companion models use the power and communication source of their attached hub


    Safety Features:
    • CE approved
    • Locked front door accessed via key by collection and service personnel
    • Dampened hopper opening with use of foot pedal
    • No pinch points, sharp edges or corners


    • Weather resistant, UV stabilized polyester powder-coat finish on all exterior metal parts
    • Electronic components temperature range of  -40ºC to +85ºC
    • Fully weatherized, but in the event of a flood, the component can withstand up to 40” (1.06 m) of water without harming electronics


    Opening Options:

    See diagram in picture gallery.


    • RoHS compliant
    • Galvanized sheet metal steel interior and exterior construction
    • Heavy duty plastic side panels and top for dent and scratch resistance (recycled content)
    • Interior Bin: Leak proof; made of low density polyethylene (LDPE) plastic


    Power & Electronics: 
    • Single-use Alkaline battery pack
    • Battery life: Up to 8 years
    • Self-powered unit requires no wiring
    • Cordless operation for both indoor / outdoor use


    Options & Accessories:
    • Wheeled Interior Lift Bin (Bar & Comb Styles)
    • Enclosed Hopper Opening
    • Foot Pedal for Hands-free Use (with Hopper)
    • Graphic Wraps, Message Panels, Stickers
    • Security System with Physical Plates






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