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Machine shall be suitable for disinfection purpose. You can add 70% alcohol based sanitizer to prevent spreading of Virus.

Automatic Sanitization Machine

  • Sprinkler mechanism: To spread Sanitization mist
    Sanitizer tank capacity: 500 Ltr
    No of Sprinklers: 8
    Input electrical supply: 230 volt 50 hz 1 phase
    Current Rating in Amperes: 3 Ampere
    Operation Start /off: Automatic

    No of operational Lights:

    Warranty in years:               1                              
    Enclosure:                          Powder Coated Mild steel and Plastic sheet
    Material of the tubes:  CPVC and PVC
    Floor:  High quality mat to kill/destroy virus using Solution
    Steps:  3
    Overall dimensions of machine:  3 x 5.5 x 10 in feet
    Gross weight of machine in kg:  180 kg
    Short circuit protection: Yes







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